These are exciting times in privacy.  The end of 2010 is proving to be a formative time for new privacy protections.  We’ve seen three major new privacy proposals within the last month.  At the start of December the FTC came out with their privacy review report and recommendations. With the release of this report, the FTC started championing a Do-Not-Track List among other initiatives.

Soon after the FTC’s announcements, Microsoft made its own announcements that it will be building tracking, blocking technology into its Internet Explorer browser.  Microsoft is claiming that this new technology will outright stop common tracking techniques from functioning.

Not to be outdone, the US Department of Commerce released their privacy “green paper” a scant two weeks after the FTC’s announcements and one week after Microsoft’s.  The Commerce Department’s paper calls for baseline federal privacy legislation – something the U.S. does not currently have.  In this baseline federal privacy legislation the Commerce Department envisions a Bill of Online Privacy Rights and a new federal office to develop and enforce privacy regulations.

These new developments are going to impact most everyone that engages in online commerce and online marketing.  We’ll continue to explore these developments and look at what they mean for online marketing and discuss Marketo’s position on these new developments.   I’d also love to hear your questions or comments about these changes.

Buckle Up! – Privacy is moving fast.

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