When it comes to B2B lead generation, you have to admit that getting in touch with your target market can be pretty hard. These days, with the explosion of online B2B lead generation and social media, people tend to drown out the so-called marketing ‘noise’, only focusing on the few items worthy of their attention. So, how can you be part of your prospects’ limited area of attention? How will your content, your branding, stand out from the millions upon millions? How can you succeed in generating qualified sales leads from the fickle market? The answer lies simply in yourself, in your personal branding.

Unlike the days of old, where we work our content around our brand, we now have to work our brand around our content. Our marketing focus today is no longer about reaching out to our customers. Rather, it is how to get our customers to reach out to us. We can drum out a lot of noise for our products, but if it does not reach the consciousness of our audience, as long as they fail to feel any connection to us at a personal level, then we are just wasting our time. The true measure of our success in generating B2B leads depends on how well we connect with our prospects. That is why it is important to establish a personality, a human identity, for our brands. And we should start with ourselves.

One of the most important truths we must face in today’s world is the reality of our work and personal lives – they are one and the same. What we do, say, or express in our private lives bleeds out into our workplace. Hiring managers check an applicant’s Facebook page to check if they match with the company culture. Business prospects search Google and Bing to see what others think of your B2B telemarketing services. Even your friends look you up in social media channels to see what you have been saying about them. So, if you want to be presentable (or even acceptable) in the eyes of our prospects during our appointment setting calls, you need to establish a personal brand, an authority, that is consistent no matter where they look for you in the online community.

To do that, you need to concentrate on at least three points in your marketing efforts:

First, remember that quality will always triumph over quantity. Even if the scale of your lead generation efforts is small, as long as you target exactly who you want and provide them with unique, fresh, and useful content, then it will be your win. Second, never underestimate the power of followers and subscribers. That is how newspapers and magazines stayed in business for so long, and the same principle can work with us. And lastly, think of your content, your marketing message, as an asset. This might help you open up new profit channels, or create additional demand in a different market. Work on your personal brand. Once you get that right, it will be easier to generate B2B leads further.

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