pay per call, b2b lead generation, appointment settingThe pay per call scheme of b2b lead generation is fairly new in today’s business-to-business marketing. There are many pre-existing b2b marketing structures that many businesspeople have already come to know and love. There’s direct mail, mass media, cold calling, and outsourced call center programs like pay per lead and pay per appointment.

One cannot say that there is a best form of b2b lead generation and appointment setting as there is always a number of factors involved. Such factors may be known to businesspeople which can readily be fixed. However, there will always be those hidden things and events that seem to pop-up out of nowhere and hinder the whole marketing operation to achieving a profitable outcome.

Because of these hidden events, companies from the different sectors encompassing today’s business world are looking for a more cost effective solution for generating targeted sales leads all the while letting them have the advantage of shelling out less of their hard earned cash.

Today, we introduce a new b2b marketing structure of outsourced call center services which is entitled pay per call. With pay per call, companies from residing from various industries can gain the advantage of acquiring targeted and qualified leads and sales appointments at a price that is easy on the pocket.

As the title of the program states, businesses need only to shell out money for the price of the number of calls to be made as well as the amount of contacts to be reached. There are no extra fees nor hidden charges involved when getting the aid of professional telemarketing services. Hence, with a common price of an average of 1 to 2 USD per call, companies all over can expect a lot of savings upon outsourcing to this telemarketing program.

Now even if the bulk of the payment goes to the number of contacts to be, well, contacted, businesspeople and decision makers should not worry as there is only minimal risk involved on their part. As a matter of fact, the bulk of the risk falls under the contact center professionals themselves.

Today’s contact firms should be teeming with b2b lead generation and appointment setting professionals. As such, if they cannot deliver the required results from their client’s marketing campaign, then they can expect a bad review from their client. Upon receiving this can turn their contact firm’s reputation in which can damage their brand name and credibility.

Cost efficiency and cost effectiveness are not the only advantages upon acquisition of the services of telemarketers under the pay per call scheme. The usual benefits still applies when outsourcing to a reliable contact center, namely:

  • acquisition of near instant expertise in b2b marketing
  • bypass gatekeepers effectively
  • touch base with targeted decision makers
  • use of an effective calling script
  • fill one’s sales pipeline with quality leads and sales appointments

If businesses are interested in the pay per call scheme of outsourced telemarketing, they should get their aid as quickly as possible. They should take into mind that they are not the only one’s searching for low-cost professional cold calling aid.