The Five Habits Affecting Your Lead Generation CampaignIt is so easy to conduct a lead generation campaign. What is so hard is actually generating B2B leads. And if you look back at the factors affecting sales leads productivity, you might be surprised to discover that most of these reasons could be traced back at you. Indeed, when it comes to getting more business coming in, most of the reasons that affects performance is all up to you. Your habits, your attitudes, as well as outlook over your business can have a negative impact on your campaign. Creating problems in your campaign is the last thing you would want to happen. Now, what are the things that can cause you to mess up?

1. You fail to delegate – while you might be tempted to do everything on your own, just for the sake of keeping things in your control, you have to admit that you cannot do everything. This is especially true in appointment setting campaign. You need to learn how to leave the task to qualified people (the ones who shares and can deliver your vision), so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

2. You create a bottleneck in decision-making – you want to be in the decision-making loop, which is not really problem (especially if you want to maintain consistency in your business), but if this habit of yours is starting to create a bottleneck in the process (mainly because too many people are waiting on you now), then that is not a very productive setup at all. A better alternative is hiring people who are skilled for the task, as well as clear in the goal. In this way, you speed up the lead generation campaign.

3. You are too often reactive, instead of proactive – success in lead generation requires that you think way ahead in the future. The problem here is that most entrepreneurs (which might include you) rarely plan. Not having a plan means not having set goals to reach. Not having set goals will certainly affect your productivity.

4. You look at emails too much – yes, it is important to open your mail, but doing it all the time, as well as replying to even the most mundane of messages, can eat up your productivity. Try checking your mails during the morning and the end of the day, only during these times. Not only will this help you manage your time better, you also get to answer mails that matter (but in a timely manner).

5. You entertain fear – being afraid is only natural in humans, but it your job to overcome it. Fear can be a debilitating condition in business, one that can affect your judgment, as well as make you miss on opportunities that you could have taken (had you not been overtaken by fear). Look at things more objectively. Try taking a deep breath and take the plunge. That is a better option.

If you identify some (or all) of these habits as yours, do your best to correct it. It is the new year, and you ought to make your lead generation campaign perform better.

Article Source: My EzineArticles