The best kind of praise comes when you aren’t expecting it, much less looking for it. Last year, Eloqua became the most award-winning content marketers in the Revenue Performance Management space.  And we are thrilled to have earned that honor.  But (there’s always a but), we raised our hand and asked to be considered for those awards.  Today we won an award that is extra special in that we never saw it coming.

Today Beagle Research gave our Future of Revenue video Short Tale Awards in three categories: Best Story Telling, Best Video with an Educational Theme and Best Animation.  Our video introduces a new B2B marketing category called Revenue Performance Management, and Beagle’s description of why they selected it captures exactly the vibe we were aiming for in the production.  The company writes, “… the animation is continuous stream of clear and relevant visuals punctuated by consistently enlightening and interesting information.”  Perfect.  #Gratitude.

Speaking of production, were are doubly thrilled that our partner, JESS3, won a special Best Production award for the work they’ve done with us, (State of Cloud Computing) and even for themselves (State of the Internet).  These three videos, along with the brand new State of Wikipedia, are all part of the same “family” of JESS3-created digital shorts.

Beagle Research truly curated some of the very best B2B videos in their Short Tale Awards.  Other winners included:, which took home the Grand Prize for How to Use Online Video for B2B Marketing and also collected awards in the categories of Best Customer Service Video (Service Cloud Demo) and Best Video Explaining a New Concept (Chatter Overview Demo). NetSuite won the Video Series award for their “vs.” campaign, which included NetSuite vs. Microsoft Great Plains and NetSuite vs. SAP.  Zuora’s quick hitting customer testimonials were also applauded for being the Best Customer Testimonial and Best Video Under One Minute.  SAS Institute took home the Best Marketing Video for the Proven: A SAS Overview video.  Best Sales Video went to RightNow’s Welcome to CX, while the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner Landscape production earned the Best Video Made from Graphics award.