Telemarketing is all about the right words and the right time to say them. Communicating effectively is most essential part of effectively close a deal. And communicating efficiently means choosing the phrases that needs to be said and the phrases that needs to be verbally held off. Although most companies hire telemarketing services, you must take responsibility in picking not just the right people but also the right words that  would represent your company.

Closing the deal before opening.
Customers get discouraged when you bombard them with obvious sales talks.  Some telemarketers tend to get desperate, and aiming to immediately close the deal is the first thing they do.  The objective has to be achieved after taking the necessary steps. Go easy on them by initially building a relationship and then give them the offer. Looking forward, you’ll see you’ll attract more loyal customers.

Avoid straying from the objective.
Do not confuse and at the same time overwhelm the customers with so many objectives. If you are calling about surveys, stick to it. If you are calling about setting an appointment, then make sure you inform the customer about the main reason why you are calling. Getting rid of straying off topic is also the reason why you need a call flow.

Sell to the unlikely customer.
In telemarketing, do not ever force to sell a refrigerator to Eskimos. There is something that separates pure sales and telemarketing and it’s the pressure you exert at the customer.

Most of the time, you’ll have to deal with the final decision makers, or the executives, and insisting on a product or service that they can’t entirely benefit from will never work. Executives have high concern about their company’s investments. And besides executives have already developed some kind of immunity to sales pressure.

Avoid Jargon!
Sometimes when marketing departments handle telemarketing campaigns, they tend to treat telemarketing scripts like they are writing print ads. They have the tendency to copy and paste an entire paragraph full of technical terms and add it on the script. Telemarketing needs to have a touch of conversational phrases that helps in maintaining the spontaneity of the call.  Too much jargon will just infuriate the customer and will eventually just mess up the flow of the call. It would also extend the time because of possible lengthy explanations.

Bottom-line is you need to prepare a script that fits your target customers. You need to sort what are the important sales points of your business and consult the telemarketers to add the communication aspects of the whole campaign. Make the marketing aspect more comprehensible for both the telemarketers and the customers. Aim to make a good marketing campaign and good conversation with the customers.

This post originally appeared at Callbox Telemarketing Blog