Anyone who’s watched Maleficent will see just how drastic the liberties were taken with the classic Disney Villain. That thought didn’t stop Angelina Jolie from perfectly reenacting one of Sleeping Beauty’s classic scenes.

More to the point though (and at the risk of the spoiler), one of the key points in the film was the actual cynicism expressed by this incarnation of the dark fairy. Instead of the killing curse of the original, this Maleficent brought about the sleep herself (along with the kiss that could break it). Why? It’s because she never truly believed such a kiss existed.

Telemarketing companies tend to face the same condition when faced with cynical prospects. Critics set out conditions that don’t seem possible for those who adhere to typical cold calling conventions. But like the Maleficent remake, today’s telemarketing transcends its own conventions.

If you want to get really cynical, look at what fairy tales are generally based on: Myth. Folklore. These exist more in people’s imagination than in reality.

It’s the same though with the conventions that seemingly ‘constrict’ telemarketing campaigns. These are just as imagined, just as fabricated, and just as easily non-existent in reality. Here are just some examples:

  • Telemarketing’s so – Even Wikipedia only has a few obscure ideas on when telemarketing first began as a business practice. But more importantly, its origins are really insignificant to how it is being used today.
  • Telemarketing is out of place in online lead generation –Really? You mean to say that you will never need to have an actual conversation? There is no need to even prove you’re a real organization? Do you really think that the CEOs, the senior managers, or even their tech savvy, Millennial secretaries are going to listen to you more if you send them an email or a Facebook message? Think again.

Telemarketing’s not a perfect process but neither is anything else. Does that mean you shouldn’t give them a try? Of course not, so why not give the phone a chance as well? At least the new Maleficent gave true love another chance.