A lot has already been said about the benefits of business to business telemarketing, but companies are often confused whether to establish their own telemarketing call center or outsource to a telemarketing company. To give you a side by side comparison, here are the pros and cons of both in-house and outsourced telemarketers.

In-house professional b2b telemarketers


• You will have complete control over the direction of your telemarketing campaign.

• You will not be bound by contracts and can end your campaign whenever you deem adequate.

• Your sales and marketing teams will be better able to get along with each other.

• Having established everything yourself, you can make sure that your telemarketers adhere to rules and regulations set by telemarketing-governing bodies.


• Your b2b telemarketers can be easily affected when problems arise in your other business departments.

• Sales and marketing teams can get competitive with each other.

• You have to hire, train and provide equipment for all your telemarketers; you also have to establish a separate network structure to be used by your telemarketers when making and receiving calls.

• You must be dedicated to regularly doing b2b telemarketing campaigns because telemarketing equipments are usually expensive and would be a waste if you only use them sparingly.

• You will have to shoulder all maintenance of telemarketing equipment.

• You have to monitor the observance of your b2b telemarketers to standard rules and best practices, such as removing numbers registered in the DNC (Do Not Call) list from your telemarketing list.

Outsourced professional b2b telemarketers


• A trustworthy telemarketing company will ensure that all telemarketers adhere to regulations established by telemarketing-regulating bodies so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

• No headaches related with hiring, training and management of your b2b telemarketers.

• No additional expenses for buying telemarketing equipment and establishing additional networks.

• You can leave the majority of planning your telemarketing campaign to professionals with years of experience under their belts.

• Because you don’t need to buy equipment, you can do a telemarketing campaign only when you need to, or in addition to another lead generation strategy.

• Once your b2b telemarketer is not able to report for work, an equally knowledgeable telemarketer will be ready to take his place, keeping your telemarketing campaign running smoothly.

• Your telemarketer’s salary will be based on the benchmarked salary in his home country, which can be significantly lower than the standard in your own country, making it cheaper.


• Finding a reliable telemarketing firm usually requires thorough research.

• You will have to stick to a contract of 3-6 months or more.

• Certain decisions pertaining to your telemarketing campaign may be decided by the telemarketing firm.
• Unless you do proper research, you might hire b2b telemarketers who are not well versed about your industry.

If you think b2b telemarketing would not be a good fit for your company because of the negative view of telemarketing as a whole, think about this, you will be represented by professional telemarketers who will be calling targeted business phone numbers, not your business leads’ home phone number. Professional telemarketers only makes calls during business hours, ensuring that your b2b sales leads will not be disturbed in the comfort of their homes.