Targeted Telemarketing Is Responsible Telemarketing

It was the grave mistake of past telemarketing firms that gave the entire professional telemarketing industry a negative reputation, and the irresponsible telemarketing firms of today that continue to feed that negativity. Telemarketing is an important part of business, and had they decided to set up boundaries for themselves and showed respect for their customers, DO NOT CALL lists would not have been necessary.

Telemarketing should never be about incessantly pushing against any resistance until it gives in, rather, it should be about inviting the target or sales lead to come to you of his own free will. You might think that this process is impossible, and that doing so would cost you resources without any clear ROI. But telemarketing is evolving. Gone are the days of hit and miss cold calling and auto-dialer generated numbers – or rather – they should no longer be implemented. They are not effective and never will be.

B2C telemarketers should learn from b2b telemarketers. B2B telemarketing is much more responsible because it makes use of a more targeted calling list. These targeted telemarketing lists have higher chances of reaching qualified sales leads that actually convert into sales.

Targeted marketing is a low-pressure marketing technique that brings the products and services you offer into the places that your target market is likely to visit and closer to the products they usually peruse. Research what your market reads in the papers, where they usually purchase their goods and what websites they frequently visit. By spreading your presence in the places that matter to your market, they are less likely to be annoyed and more likely to recognize your brand when your sales people call them. This type of marketing is undeniably more costly, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Your telemarketers retain a higher morale longer because they are less likely to be rejected.
Additionally, because they know that the numbers they are cold calling fit the criteria of people who have actually purchased your products and services previously, they will be more confident during each call. Their spiels will land on more considerate ears, and their programmed responses will be much more adequate.

Whether yours is a telemarketing firm or a company outsourcing to a telemarketing service provider, you can be assured that your brand is not associated with irresponsible, impolite and intrusive sales agents. Your potential clients and customers will only be doing business with truly professional telemarketers.

This post originally appeared at CallBoxInc