Learn and LeadI like to talk. As a matter of fact, I learned at a very early age that I am an auditory learner. There are three basic types of learners: visual – those who love to read and respond to pictures, auditory – those who respond to listening and talking, and tactile – those who like to work with their hands. I could read a book and retain only 10% of what I read, however I could listen to an audio book and retain 80% and then create a plan on what I have learned.

You may be one of these types of learners or a mix of all three, but chances are you have a tendency towards one. No matter what your tendency, talking has a huge benefit when it comes to your business!

Interviews As A Business Tool

Interview, job, serious.
Interview, job, serious.

Being interviewed is one of the best ways to get the word out about you, your business, your book, etc. Talking your way to success is as easy as being interviewed or by interviewing others. I have been interviewed over 1000 times (over the course of 35 years of being in business). If you could be interviewed 1-2 times per month, how could that change your business (for the better)?

It’s your job to find the opportunities by searching them out. Unless you are a celebrity, people don’t know you exist and could not care less about your message. It’s your job to let them know you exist, tell them why they need to interview you, and explain to them that you have a message that will resonate with THEIR audience.

These opportunities come in all shapes and sizes – from radio stations, to podcasts, to blogs and articles in magazines & newspapers. The interviewers range from novice to pro. I have been interviewed by the best of the best and the worst of the worst (the best ask hard-hitting, thought-provoking questions that you would not expect and the worst can’t show up for their own interviews with you!).

Microphone at the speech podium
Microphone at the speech podium

Getting Interviewed

Getting interviewed is not about people finding you … it’s about you finding them, their audiences and making a proposal to offer them great content that engages THEIR audiences. If you are J.K. Rowling, then people will search you out, but (chances are) neither you nor I wrote seven Harry Potter books! You have to search the interviewers out and make a case for your interview.


Here are a few options that can help you get discovered and interviewed about your book, products or services. It doesn’t matter whether you are a local dog walker or a nationally known author, all of these can help you get found…

  1. Help a Reporter Out – http://info.helpareporter.com
  2. Radio Guest List – http://radioguestlist.com
  3. Use a PR person – Gets you booked on local news and higher-end shows through relationships.


  • It’s Not About You – It’s About Their Audience
  • Provide Them With A Questions Sheet – Some will use it and some will not
  • Be Prepared, Personable and Flexible – You will be dealing with pros and novices
  • Make Sure You Have Permission – To repurpose and give credit where it is due
Various microphones aligned at press conference isolated over a white background.
Various microphones aligned at press conference isolated over a white background.


Interviewing Others

Interviewing others is a bit more complicated, but it is a great way to have experts enhance your status as an expert in your field. They can build upon what you teach and raise your status in the online community. Keep in mind you can’t just call up Martha Stewart or Seth Godin and invite them to be on your show. You need to build an audience in order for them to want to spend time with you and your audience.

If you are local, then find your local Martha Stewart or Seth Godin, and make it worth their time to be interviewed. Spend the time to make this a win-win for all…

  1. Make it easy for them – Don’t make them work hard for the interview. Make sure you have a system and process in place that makes it as low maintenance for people as possible.
  2. Do NOT make them fill out a 100-question profile – I have been on small podcasts that have a 1 hour intake process for a 10 minute interview. If I am speaking to 10-100 people, is this worth my time? Oh hell no! Understand that the ‘bigger’ the guest, the less they want or need to do to be interviewed on your show!
  3. You do the leg work – I use a virtual assistant who gets all of the necessary information with one email! Make it as easy as possible for someone to be on your show! Give them very little to do and you will get a much better response to the invitation to be a guest on your podcast or video interview.
  4. Send then a reminder email a day or two before – Keep your guests informed, engaged and make sure they know what to expect from you and your interview … the easier for them the better!


  1. Blog Talk Radio – blogtalkradio.com – I did hire a professional narrator to create a compelling open and close to make it a better listen for my audience.
  2. Podcasting – Podcasting is like a radio show and is about to become more mainstreamed next year when most 2016 cars will have wifi and podcasting included as a radio option. Podcasting integrates with iTunes.
  3. Blog Posts & Articles – You don’t have to speak to be heard. Maybe you can be interviewed for a local newspaper, a national magazine or something like a blog post to get your message out there. I have had the most basic interviews show up high when my name is searched in Google. The broader the audience the bigger the reach!
  4. Utilize Video and Convert to Audio and a Blog – If you are interviewing others, you can utilize video to create an audio and an audio to create an ebook. I hired a virtual assistant to transcribe my interviews.


  • It’s Not About You – It’s about them and it’s about YOUR audience
  • Have Your Questions Prepared – Outline your questions BEFORE the interview – Do your homework and get to know your guest … I use Evernote
  • Be Very Clear About The Topic And Timeframe – Make sure your guest understands the audience and the scope of your interview
  • Make Sure You Give Them An Option – Allow them to promote themselves
  • Give Them Permission To Repurpose – Link back to your profile or show

Final Thoughts

This is a biggy subject that could be covered over multiple blogs or articles, but I wanted you to explore the concepts in one place. Interviews have helped me sell books, give speeches and meet influencers that I could never have met just sitting in my office. Who have you been interviewed by? Who have you interviewed and how can you use this tool to expand your sphere of influence? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!