The Forrester paper, the CMO Mandate: Adapt or Perish, truly embraces the idea of survival of the fittest. It explains how in the future, there will only be two types of companies, those that are agile and adapt to consumers’ changing media behavior and those that go out of business.  To avoid extinction and survive in the digital age, Forrester explains that you must take the following approach: employ Adaptive Brand Marketing. Forrester defines Adaptive Brand Marketing as a flexible approach in which marketers respond quickly to their environment to align consumer and brand goals and maximize return on brand equity.

The five habits of highly adaptive marketers include:

  • Accept change by being flexible to experiment with organizational structures, media, and technology.
  • Dare the status quo by demonstrating leadership to push for innovation and create new brand experiences.
  • Act continuously by making speed a priority when it comes to dealing with customers and using new channels.
  • Participate personally by taking ownership to empower every person in the organization to shape the brand experience.
  • Tear down boundaries by creating incentives for people to join forces in new ways and empowering them tools to collaborate.

So how do you take the first step to becoming an adaptive marketing organization? Take the self-diagnostic test featured in the paper to assess your organization’s adaptability. You’ll be able to provide your marketing leaders with the following actionable insights:

  1. Gauge the intensity of the effort required.
  2. Identify weak links.
  3. Prioritize efforts to become more adaptive.

To learn more, download the white paper, CMO Mandate: Adapt or Perish, today.

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