How To Be Successful In Call-To-Invite Campaigns

For any business, getting in touch with your business prospects is very important, even more so if you are conducting a call-to-invite campaign. Think of forums, trade fairs, symposiums, etc. anything that you can use as an avenue for communicating your products and services to your intended audience. I know this might not be a very good way to generate qualified B2B leads, but at least you can spread your company’s reputation as among those at the top (you can create that perception).

Now, the challenge here is how you can make such lead generation operation work. We could do that through the following:

  1. Get your calendar ready – take note that special business events take time to organize. In order for your appointment setting people to have something concrete to say, you should organize the dates, places, and topics to be covered. You really need a calendar for this.
  2.  Talk to your prospects quickly – the reason why some events fail is because the people who are supposed to attend could not make it due to previous engagements. Here is a marketing tip for organizers: call your target audience in advance, probably a month from now. Tell them about your event and that you want them to attend. Usually, they can set a schedule for your event easily since they do not have anything yet on their schedule.
  3.  Contact the final decision-makers – all right, say you want to invite a marketing executive, are you sure that you only needs his agreement for him to attend. His boss might say no due important matters. You have to identify who the final decision-maker is. Understand how you can best get on their good side. In this way, you can protect your interest and, if they have concerns of their own, you can help clarify their own issues as well.
  4.  Prepare for the next event – while you are busy with your current event, it never hurts to prepare for the next one. As previous mentioned in point number 1, it takes time to prepare a single event. If you want your call-to-invite to be successful in the future as well, you need to plan ahead. A lot of things can go wrong, but these can be mitigated once you have everything at the ready.
  5.  Enjoy the event itself – getting potential sales leads is the goal, but it is always nice to enjoy the journey in getting there. This is an excellent learning experience for you. In case it becomes successful, take a few pointers from it and use those winning elements for your next business event. If it fails, well, you can always analyze what went wrong and avoid these mistakes on your next activity.

Just in case you do not have a marketing team of your own, it always pays to know some good telemarketing services who can assist you in the promotions. There are a lot of these outfits around. You just have to know which will work well with your needs and are consistent in delivering the customers and attendees you want.

This content originally appeared at Callbox Blog.