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This is an ongoing concern many companies have. The fact is, when you rely on resellers to sell your products/ services, it is highly important they are kept fully aware of your offerings. You want resellers to shout about your brand, to end users and favour you over competitors.

Easier said than done when they have a number of resellers each fighting for their attention, all wanting to be top dog. So what’s the solution?

Keep it easy! When communicating to your partners, simplicity is the best policy. First of all only provide information that is solely relevant to the receiver. Yes, I know you offer a number of products, and you probably have different levels of partners, so at first glance this can be perceived as difficult to achieve, but it’s not.

>> For email marketing
The best way to ONLY send content that is solely for each partner is to use software, such as newsondemand®. This software allows you to create a single email template, which then automatically alters the content depending on the preference of the receiver. This saves you time creating many different email newsletter variations, and no HTML coding is required. It’s a very cost effective method.

Obviously there are other email marketing software solutions available to you such as mailchimp or Marketo, but it all depends on your requirements and the overall results you are expecting to achieve.

In my opinion the highest targeted approach is always the best.

>>Amplifying your voice on social media
Many brands would like to use their partners’ social media channels to increase their own potential reach. But with reports from Microsoft’s partners suggesting that finding the time to post content is an issue for 80%, this is also easier said than done. Especially if you are looking to achieve a consistent brand message.

Using a social media syndication software such as our very own socialondemand makes the process easier for your partners. It takes away the complexity and time required for them to share your content. By either clicking share or if they choose to edit the post title before hand, your content will appear on all of their desired social networks. Easy. And what’s more it will increase their exposure, maintain a consistent brand message, and increase your potential reach. Let the social selling commence!

>> Gamification
Everyone likes an incentive, and like I said if you are really fighting for your partners’ attention, perhaps a stronger reason to interact with your brand will make all the difference. Gartner believes that by 2015, innovation processes will be gamified by at least 50% of organisations that manage innovation processes. So don’t be left behind. Gamification examples include:

A leader board– showing partners how socially active they are compared to their competitors (who are also your partners). They obviously want to win against their competitors
Reward– perhaps the partner that promotes your brand the best/ or the partner that has created the highest level of revenue. The reward you provide is up to you, but it has to be worth it to them. Free iPad’s just don’t cut the mustard anymore.
Status– enlisting names such as gold partners creates a superior mentality, making partners feel privileged. A small change like this could make a huge difference.
Recognition– Have you thought about giving your partners recognition for their efforts? This could be as simple as promoting their brand on your website, or perhaps praising them for their efforts. Everybody likes to feel appreciated, and it will encourage further commitment in the future.

>> Regular contact
My last point I would like to raise with you is reinforcing the importance of regular contact with all of your partners. I’m not just talking about your top partners, but I am talking about them all. This can be achieved either by scheduling regular face to face meetings or even conversations over the phone. A balance of both of these methods would be ideal. Keeping everyone up to date will make such a difference.

It’s about understanding your partners’ capabilities, listening to their queries and making yourself readily available to their needs. Nobody likes to be ignored. It’s a two-way rule, if you make your brand readily available to their needs, by making processes easy and worthwhile, you’ve won!