Even in B2B marketing, pictures are a popular way to get a prospect’s attention. It appeals more to the senses and ignites curiosity and interest. That saves up a lot of trouble compared to a wall of text.

Remember, software lead generation can be a pretty lengthy process. It’s one that usually leaves you at the mercy of prospects who prefer to independently research their vendors. Anything that gets their attention in a shorter span of time gives you an advantage.

Such a method could include pictures that depict a certain desirable trait about a product. It’s only advisable though if you have both a) a target market in mind and b) an intention to be transparent.

Now what’s this got to do with transparency? You already know that transparency is a great selling point these days. It makes you popular among professionals and easier to make connections.

But again, today’s buyers are smarter shoppers. Much research is made on your market value of your software and how effective your solutions have been compared to the rest. “Seeing is believing” won’t just be a motto for them. It’s one that they validate!

Hence, you’ll see nothing convinces like seeing a product first-hand. Then again, that makes pictures the second best option. When just trying to look convincing can be a serious challenge, pictures of proof are better than nothing.

Now, selecting the pictures for your lead generation campaign isn’t as easy as it looks. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Strong need – You want your product to be a must-have. Knowing your target market means understanding the features your prospects find essential.
  • Demand – Find out where your prospects are often expressing their demand. You increase the publicity of a product when you share it in a space where everyone’s asking for a solution. Social networking sites are usually one example.
  • A visible channel – While Facebook still takes the top rank, eBizMBA ranks LinkedIn as the third most visited social networking site on the net. This means it qualifies both as a place to find professionals looking for software solutions as well increasing the visibility of your product.
  • Personal relevance – Now merely posting products online isn’t good enough. The one thing that will really give your pictures the edge is their personal relevance to a prospect. Say they have a particular problem they wanted to solve. A good example would be a how-to guide that featured that particular problem or process and how your products are a critical component.

Transparency isn’t just about being open about who you are as a business (although that is arguably the strongest guiding principle). It’s about matching the identity your expressing with the people who could use what you’re willing to share.