social media based conversions in the b2b sectorSocial media based conversions are the topic of the season, and for good reason!  Not only does Facebook now receive more daily visitors than Google, but social media messaging systems are quickly replacing e-mail as the primary method of web communication.

The impact of social media on conversion potential is undeniable, and this does not only apply to those businesses that cater to public consumers, also known as the B2C sector.  In fact, we can argue that the impact on the B2B sector is equally, if not more, substantial.

Marketing Techniques

Consumers, by nature, are impatient and unreliable.  Marketing to them and attempting to increase social media based conversions is a very specific type of tap dance.  This dance requires grabbing their attention in any way possible, and then keeping that attention through a series of strategies that involve engagement.

When it comes to marketing to another business, the dance changes.  Business entities act with patience and thoroughness.  When making purchases for the sake of a company, rather than the individual, a lot more thought is put into where that purchase is coming from.  Social media allows businesses to build a reputation for themselves, and share relevant information with other businesses in a more efficient way.

The impact of social media on the B2B sector encompasses much more than marketing strategies, however.  Increased communication and networking ability allows businesses to learn from each other in ways never before possible.

Future Impacts

The potential for social media based conversions will only grow as technology continues to evolve.  Take a look at this article by Jeffrey L. Cohen, in which he discusses how social media will effect the B2B sector in the upcoming year.  This article presents some interesting things to keep in mind, as well as a number of insights that can be put to immediate good use.