A recent marketing study found that 93 percent of b2b marketers use content marketing, and 73 percent of that content is video. If you’re a b2b company with revenue goals that you’re still struggling to achieve by the end of the year, there’s a key question you need to ask yourself:

>> How can video convert more of my prospects into customers? 

It’s a fact – companies consider video a crucial type of content at both the early and mid-stages of the buying cycle. Investing in compelling web-based videos that tell your company’s unique story can help to improve conversion rates by as much as 80 percent. Here are some valuable tips for content creation, as well as engaging b2b video examples from companies whose success you can learn from:

1) Don’t sell your product – instead, emotionally engage your targeted buyers by relating to their everyday challenges and showing the positive results they can achieve by utilizing your product or service. Case in point: This video reveals the strain developers continually face, then presents a workable solution to the problem:

2) A peer-to-peer reference is a powerful form of sales referral, since it engages prospects from the unbiased, yet likeminded, perspective of someone who’s just like them. Here’s a savvy healthcare services technology video that engages patients and healthcare providers alike:

3) For less than 5 percent of the typical cost of participation in a major trade show, you can create a video that can do the marketing for you on a 24/7, continuous basis. This video can provide targeted lead nurturing via its use in sponsored social media campaigns, paid and organic SEO tactics, drip marketing and more. This attention-getting video helped a security technology company achieve buzz for its new product long after it launched at a trade show:

You do the math. How much of your annual business comes out of that one big trade show you attend every year? How many of your sales are generated from your website? Multiply that by some of the rocket-boosting improvement metrics that engaging b2b video can deliver – and you’ll be that much closer to hitting your revenue mark come year-end 2014.