The most difficult prospects are those who find no need for your technology. It’s like these guys have can just build everything in-house so why buy? It seems counter to all marketing logic to pursue someone who just doesn’t have the need. (In fact, how’d they even end up on your targeting radar?)

Luckily, that’s not always the case because you could just be looking at the surface. Just because a business appears to have outstanding revenue or a pool of in-house resources doesn’t mean vendors are out of the equation.

You know what they say about judging things by their size. Same lesson applies here. Competing with your prospect’s internal resources isn’t always so hard. There are three key areas you should go for when you’re interacting.

  • Have a really revolutionary idea – This is perhaps the really hard part. But in of itself, innovation is really high in demand. If you can offer something that nobody could just build from the ground up, you’re at least getting somewhere. Marketing an idea like that (whether over the phone or through email) gets their attention because, while they seem to have everything, they don’t always want to expend that much effort if someone else out there could do it better.
  • Getting an inside man – If you know someone who works in a prospect company, why not have them endorse you? It doesn’t have to be bombastic or blatant that their boss will throw the idea out the door. In fact, the real value of an inside man is that they are a two-way channel. They are your eyes and ears in case there’s an opportunity for your company to step-in.
  • Utter respect for those in charge – It sounds obvious but really, having the guts to go for loaded prospects doesn’t mean you should be unconventional. Always have great respect for those in charge. Whether they’re like a wise king or an evil overlord, what they say is enough to clear out any obstacles to your marketing efforts or raise them even higher.

Again, just because a company seems to have everything doesn’t mean they really do. Other factors come in to play whether it’s unknown priorities or the influence of someone on the inside. Your lead generators shouldn’t quit unless they’ve really gone under the surface.