Let’s be honest we all have our dreams, so in theory, every dream is personal. Instead of trying to sell to people, empower them to achieve their dreams. But how many of us actually do this? The majority will try to just sell and then marketing will tell them how good the product is. What you should be doing is identifying the problems they have and then talking about the solution to them.

It isn’t about selling, it’s about listening serving! Don’t tell your prospect why they should buy from you before you understand them and the problems they face.

Focus on their dream

For me, if you want a successful B2B sales process don’t sell the product, focus on the on the problems the contacts in your targeted accounts face, focus on their business, focus on the overall business pain points, focus on their customer’s pain points. Why? Because this will allow you truly to understand them and help you provide them with a solution.

If we consider Account Based Marketing (ABM) at the most basic level, it’s all about the customer. ABM is making a lot of noise, why? Because it improves the relevancy of sales and marketing messages in a world where buyers are not just craving but are expecting more sales experiences.

Buyers are more informed and on the ball today. They don’t look for a marketing email or sales call to kick off their research process. Therefore, you need a new tactic use ABM to target contacts within your key targeted accounts with relevant outreach that’s personalized to meet their needs and tackle their pain points. Use targeted marketing to reach them on the channels that are relevant to them. Engaging with your targeted contacts, on their terms with content that’s relevant to them is extremely important because after all, if the content and message with your targeted accounts, then you’ll be on step closer to building that crucial trusting relationship.

Help sell the dream

Below I’ve listed a basic approach and list of activities that can help you sell the dream:

  1. List all of the companies, personas, and roles in your ideal customer profile
  2. Marketing and Sales work together to identify the key problems your targeted accounts and prospects are facing

Create content that aligns with those problems. These could include:

  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Direct Mail
  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • Blogs
  • Social Media

This is a basic outline approach you can use to implement ABM to sell the dream. The overall the purpose of these activities is to reach your targeted accounts with content on channels where they’re active. This will set the stage for a more personalized buying experience which in return increases the likelihood that a lead will turn into a closed deal. Effective ABM messaging requires an understanding of customer pain points. Don’t just feel your customers pain, understand it. Take the time to isten and understand their pain points and desired end goals. Move forward by taking a collaborative approach to producing a bespoke and tailored marketing solution specifically to tackle their pain points and deliver their desired end goal.

Ready to implement the ABM Dream?

Hopefully the above should have given you something to think about when it comes to your B2B lead generation approach. You can learn more about ABM through my previous posts.