In an effort to better align Sales and Marketing I think that helping each group understand the language of the other is important. Effective communication between Sales and Marketing is vital to the success of the organization. While it’s natural that groups create their own “language”, it can be an ineffective way to communicate with those outside the group.

Companies that optimize the marketing/sales relationship grow revenue 32% faster. –Aberdeen Group, 2016

In my time as a salesperson and marketer, I no doubt found myself saying phrases that those outside the group had never heard before. It’s interesting when you are in a room full of marketers talking about a new strategy how many times you hear things like “robust platform”, “synergy”, or “360 degree view”.

Should we do away with marketing- or sales-speak? No. I think there is value in creating a lexicon that is understood and widely used within a group. There are just things that salespeople say that marketers don’t. And that’s okay.

What organizations need to do is help each other understand the vocabulary of their other team members so that when they do need to communicate there is common ground. By doing this, you facilitate a more effective exchange between groups. When people can speak to one another on common ground they are more likely to be able to connect around a common goal. This is good for the business and promotes “Togetherness”.

Below is my attempt (with a little humor) to create a translation for some of the most frequently used terms that I have heard by sales and marketing professionals.

To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. –Tony Robbins