Last week, we discussed the two different resources used by telemarketers and email marketers and how they keep them stocked during B2B lead generation campaigns. Today, you’re going to learn about a resource that’s a wee bit trickier: content.

Content Marketing

Arguably, content marketing is the form of marketing that’s most centered on creativity. It’s not just about providing relevant information to readers. It’s not just about learning how to convert those readers into prospects and then into sales.

It’s about doing it all without boring, inundating, and serving your prospect with the same corporate blather that’s typical of generic B2B marketing.

Don’t think that going in that direction won’t drive you crazy. You’ll need to put up something fresh almost every day. That means you need a constant stream of new ideas to keep your readers attention. You have to stay trendy and optimize your blogs in witty ways that stand out from thousands of other blogs out there.

Still sane? Sadly, there’s only so much you can to satisfy everyone’s craving for the insightful and the original. In fact, most of the basic topics of B2B marketing are so overdone; even top marketing companies are just parroting one another these days.

It also seems counterintuitive to recycle your creative resources (unlike in telemarketing or in email). However, that’s still where you’ll find the solution should it feel like you’re running out of ideas. Give the following some thought:

  • Really old blogs – Look back to the very first blog posts you’ve written. How different are they from the ones you’ve been writing now? Are the differences good or bad? Most importantly, do they have any topics you haven’t touched on lately? Perhaps now is a good time to review them.
  • Really old ideas – Old blogs aren’t the only things you can salvage old ideas from. They can be found elsewhere. Starting with blogs, what inspired the idea in the first place? Was it an event? An article? Can you go back and find similar material?
  • Really old campaigns – Old campaigns that used other channels can be another recyclable resource. What makes them especially useful is that they also add to your credibility. You’re retelling your actual experiences on what and what didn’t work. Readers love that.

Whether you’re a novelist, artist, or a B2B marketer, one thing they can all have in common is the frustration of finding new ideas. Fortunately, sometimes the newest ideas are really just old ideas with another spin on them.

And with that, this concludes the three part series on B2B marketing resources. Don’t think that one channel defines how they’re all recycled, reused, and restocked.