B2B marketing can be like a farming game. You don’t just have to raise a single type of livestock or crop. You end up diversifying them. And in order to keep them growing, you need different resources. Therefore, it only follows that restocking each type of resource requires a different methods.


For B2B telemarketing, contact lists form their primary resource. The initial screening of the list is one thing but it’s another when you need to start salvaging it after the first campaign. Ask yourself the following questions to determine how much of the list can still be used and how much you’ll need to restock.

  • How much can you follow-up? – Some prospects don’t always say either yes or no. Those who are undecided can still be followed-up. As soon as the first round of the campaign is over, take those prospects and start calling them up again for more definitive answers. Also, make sure to exercise proper timing but don’t procrastinate either.
  • Can you call back old clients? – Old clients are often another source of recycled leads. But take note, these can quickly double as satisfaction surveys. There could have plenty of business needs you left unsatisfied and you will be called by these people to rectify. On the bright side, it’s a good opportunity to renew ties with more satisfied customers.
  • Has your list provider proven reliable? – The results of your first campaign should tell you enough about your provider. This is the case even if there is still hope of recycling and following-up. Other vendors could provide alternative contacts to fill in the gaps. You might also want to consider switching targets.
  • Can you improve your telemarketers? – Sometimes it’s just a matter of giving the information to somebody with more suitable skills. Whether you’re outsourcing or have some in-house, look around for people who can do a better job with what’s left of your list.
  • Will it cost more? – Finally, you have the ROI question. If an initial list has proven profitable enough already, don’t be too quick to start another round. Check to see if recycling, following-up, or acquiring more data will cost more money than what you’ve made.

Truth be told though, you can argue that telemarketing actually has the simplest resource for restocking. Other forms such as email and content have resources that are just as varied in of themselves. Stay tuned as we cover more tips on restocking these diverse B2B marketing resources.