people_in_office_smallerIn complex B2B sales, it can be difficult for even the most veteran of salespeople not to walk into a meeting or conduct a call with a new prospect and immediately start discussing the greatest features of their latest product or software plan. Many salespeople will make this mistake right after their sales kickoff, enticed by this year’s new offerings.

Remember, the cornerstone to effective sales messaging is the customer.

Keep these five things about your customer at the forefront of your conversation.

1. Customer Problems

Uncover their critical business problem with effective discovery. Once you find the problem that’s having a significant business impact, focus on how your solutions can effectively solve that problem.

2. Customer Value

There is no value without a customer problem. After uncovering the problem, you need to articulate the value your solution can bring to your customer’s critical issues. What’s the business impact of the value you provide? How can you impact that solution?

3. Customer Requirements

Your customer should have a set of required capabilities for whatever solution they’re considering. If they don’t, help your customer establish them! Throughout your sales conversations, be sure to ask the Trap-Setting Questions that will leverage your differentiation into those requirements.

4. Customer Proof

We say it over and over again at Force Management. Leverage your proof points to help your customer see the value of doing business with you. Provide tangible evidence that you can do what you say you can do and how you do it better than the competition. When you do, a great proof point will often seal the deal.

5. Customer Relationship

Once you close the opportunity, your value-based conversation doesn’t stop. Continually check with your customer to make sure you are delivering on your promises. If you had a Champion in the opportunity, consider writing a “Champion Letter.” Maintaining the customer relationship is one of the key components to repeat business. Gain trusted advisor status and ensure success with the account.