We just can’t deny the fact that there are people who are blessed with the gift of instantly building rapport with others, especially when they’re doing it in person. Basically, it’s really not that simple, but compared to building rapport over the phone, the latter seems to be more convenient and easier in a way. Rapport has always been an integral and crucial part of any kind of communication, especially ones that are done by the telemarketers. It’s been said that you can actually lose a prospect by merely generating the wrong tone in your voice or by inducing that bad mood towards him/her upon uttering the word “hello!”. If physical appearance is to face-to-face appointment setting, then calling over the phone is to voice quality. Given that your prospect can’t see you when you’re talking to him over the phone, which is too obvious in that matter, you should therefore find ways on how you present your self to him as if you’re talking to him in person. Building rapport in telemarketing isn’t really about making “friends,” it is more of communicating naturally and comfortably, letting your conversation to flow smoothly as possible until you get your prospect hooked into it.

Below are some tips on how to build rapport when telamarketing:

  • Put a smile on your voice– smiles are not only seen but are also felt. A smiling voice is more responsive and sincere.
  • Speak from the heart– this will make rough conversations easier to be dealt with.
  • Call them by their names- it gives the conversation a more personal and lighter tone.
  • Avoid speaking too fast– this will only cause more annoyance to the person on the other line.
  • Do not rebut against a raging prospect– this will only worsen out things and create more damages on both parties.
  • Be friendly– it is always a must and should be done genuinely. Show interest on your caller’s conversation as well as share laughters when the opportunity to do so arrises.

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