A Quick Reference Card for Sales & Marketing is a one-page document that synthesizes the most relevant go-to-market messaging in a sales-ready format.

Most organizations usually have numerous Microsoft PowerPoint decks, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets containing volumes of data that were created for the sales and marketing teams. This information is frequently presented to new hires during “New Hire Training” where new employees are trying to drink from a firehose. If not presented then, the information is sometimes “dripped” upon employees over an extended period of time. When dripped over time, the assumption is that each new employee will figure out how to assemble and integrate these disparate pieces of content. And like many assumptions, this one is incorrect.

The Quick Reference Card for Sales & Marketing pulls the most essential content into a one-pager that is informative as well as easy to read and understand. Thus it facilitates interactions with prospects and customers in a manner which positively supports the sales cycle.

Why Use a Quick Reference Card

The primary purposes of the Quick Reference Card for Sales & Marketing are to:

  • Ensure that the messaging and positioning of the company is clearly and consistently communicated to each and every prospect and customer who interacts with the sales and marketing teams
  • Document the parameters of demand generation campaign targeting
  • Align and support the lead qualification process

Messaging and Positioning of the Company

Many organizations invest in messaging and positioning workshops to create the organization’s value proposition, usually when attempting to indoctrinate the organization. Some organizations formalize and over-engineer the process with binders, forms and evaluations while others gloss over the topic by sending out emails and hanging posters with the findings. When this happens, the net result is that knowledge transfer to the average sales and marketing person fails.

The lynch-pin to transfer knowledge is to determine the best way to connect with someone to change their behavior. A great approach is to remain within an individual’s usual workflow and provide something clean, crisp and cool—aka Apple. The Quick Reference Card for Sales & Marketing is a simple, straightforward one-page piece with a streamlined layout that facilitates usage and adoption.

Getting Started – A Quick Reference Card

To get started, it’s best to accumulate content. In a sense, this is similar to performing a content audit. Regardless of whether the organization is a one or many product or solution company, it’s important to choose a single market/product/solution. With this in mind, round-up the following:

  • a current press release
  • the web copy
  • call scripts
  • promotional emails
  • blog posts
  • a current integrated lead generation plan
  • a request for proposal
  • customer success story
  • case study
  • sales presentation

The good news is that the above items provide all the needed content to draft the quick reference card. The bad news is that there will most likely be some inconsistencies.

Once the draft is complete, the content needs to be circulated for comments from the subject matter experts, corporate marketing team, demand generation, demand management and sales teams. The final result will be a very useful Quick Reference Card for Sales & Marketing.

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