Learn how to publish on Linkedin Pulse in just a few easy steps!

News aggregator, Pulse, has been around for some time. However, in 2013, LinkedIn acquired the brand and transformed how we use the popular networking site. Are you making full use of LinkedIn Pulse to boost your thought leadership and provide valuable content to your connections and others?

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should publish on LinkedIn Pulse
  • How to use it
  • How to make sure your LinkedIn Pulse content gets noticed

Why You Should Use LinkedIn Pulse

If you’ve never used LinkedIn Pulse, let’s take this opportunity to make proper introductions.

LinkedIn Pulse is a platform whereby you create content, in the form of blog posts, to distribute to your connections, as well as other readers. What makes this appealing? Aren’t you already distributing content on your own website?

While content distribution on your website is a critical inbound marketing piece, you simply don’t have the same reach as LinkedIn does with its more than 230 million English-speaker users.

Of course, all 230 million viewers are unlikely to read your posts. However, LinkedIn’s algorithms target your post to those likely to engage. And that’s really what LinkedIn Pulse, and LinkedIn overall are all about — engagement.

In addition, LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to associate your name with a particular expertise, that is to build your B2B thought leadership. While content on your website may be associated with your company’s brand, LinkedIn Pulse is your personal brand.

How to Publish on LinkedIn Pulse

To navigate to the LinkedIn Pulse section of LinkedIn, simply click on Interests on the menu bar and then choose Pulse, as shown here:


From there, click on the Publish a Post button, as shown here:


Next, you’ll be taken to the page where you will create your content:


The interface is extremely user friendly, and needs little explanation. So let’s consider a few ways to make your post look polished and professional.

1. Find Your Topic

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” ~ Seth Godin

Start by writing something of interest to you. What stood out in your last work week? Did you find a new tool that makes your work life easier? Was the office abuzz with a news headline? What are your thoughts and predictions for the future of your industry?

2. Craft a Killer Title

Remember, once you hit publish, your followers will be notified. You want your post to give a great first impression. The best way to do this is to create an attention-grabbing title.

You want your title to be clear, searchable, and specific. You can use how-to titles (How to Publish LinkedIn Pulse) or listicles (8 Ways LinkedIn Pulse can Boost Your Website Traffic). Typically, titles that are in the form of a question do not perform well on LinkedIn (Are You Using LinkedIn Pulse?).

3. Format Your Post

Long format posts, between 800-2000 words receive the most engagement. However, keep in mind that your paragraphs should remain short. Think 2-4 sentences at most.

Additionally, you’ll want to include headers to break up the content of your post, and allow the reader to scan through your article and pick out what’s of interest.

Next, be sure to include visuals. Do you have any graphs, video, or screenshots that you can share to draw in the reader’s eye?

Remember, that most readers are glancing at your post during business hours – when the phone is ringing and people are popping into the office. If your post is largely text-based with no visuals, readers are likely to navigate off the page, never to return, when a distraction arises. Keep them hooked with captivating visuals.

4. Add an Opening Image

LinkedIn allows space for an eye-catching opening image that accompanies your profile pic.

Take advantage of this, making sure to properly attribute any non-stock images you’re using.

5. Publish!

This step is simple! Just hit the publish button.

Now you know how to publish on LinkedIn Pulse. But, what happens next?

How to Get Your LinkedIn Pulse Post Noticed

As mentioned, LinkedIn will notify your followers of your new post. However, to avoid pestering people, LinkedIn has admitted that not all of your followers may be notified.

The bottom line:

It’s up to you to make sure your post gets noticed.

  • Schedule social sharings that include your post image
  • Post LinkedIn status updates that feature teasers from your post
  • Send out a newsletter to your contacts that features your Pulse post
  • Send a note to followers asking them to check out your latest post

As always, keep an eye on who is engaging with your post. The numbers might surprise you.

One of my recent posts, Why Corporate Communications is More Important Than You Think received dozens of interactions in the form of shares, likes, and comments. Just as important as the post itself, is the follow up with readers. Respond to comments in a timely fashion, and always maintain professional language, in keeping with the tone of your post.

LinkedIn is a powerhouse for B2B thought leadership and lead generation.

In fact:

About 80% of all B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn.

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