pay per call, b2b lead generation, call center servicesThere is an evolution to gaining more cost efficient leads for businesses which is call the pay per call telemarketing method. This telemarketing program allows for a more low-cost means of gaining quality business leads and sales appointments for businesses, companies, enterprises, and corporations that are on the lookout for new clientèle.

However, just like other b2b lead generation methods, this new method is being compared to more traditional means. The population is divided between likes and dislikes from various industries on whether or not they should pursue outsourced call center services; low-cost or not.

Here are some comparisons of the pay per call telemarketing program to other traditional forms of getting quality business leads.

  • Pay per call versus Direct Mail

The first contender to this telemarketing program is marketing by sending out advertising through snail mail. More commonly known as direct mail, this competitor to the pay per call program competes in the factor on which of the two is more cost efficient.

Although it may seem that many qualifications for being low-cost will make direct mailing more cost efficient than this new telemarketing program, there is one factor that will make the cold calling format more pleasant in the eyes of business: Speed.

When it comes to speed of getting replies, cold calling still does the trick. In direct mail, you have to wait for your prospects to reply. This in turn can and will prove to be a negative aspect for your b2b marketing campaign. For one, you have no definite assurance that the mail is still being kept or already thrown out the trash.

Through outsourced call center services and with this telemarketing program, you get speed and precision targeting at your side.

  • Pay per call versus traditional outsourced contact center services

What’s the difference between these two? They’re the same call center services anyway?

Simply put, the former is more cost efficient than the other. Pay per call has a price of (of course) per call, whereas traditional contact center aid has a price that lets you pay for the entire campaign. As such, the new telemarketing program is put to the top spot in terms of low-cost cold calling services.

However, it does not mean that there are no other advantages to traditional outsourced cold calling campaigns. Traditional services hold the candle in letting your campaign have more time in generating quality b2b leads. The per call payment portion of telemarketing stops as soon as the number of calls you paid for has reached its limit.

Nonetheless, this telemarketing program is a better option for startups or to businesses that are in need of new leads that will not hurt their budget too much.

The per call module of outsourced telemarketing has already proven many companies that is indeed a more preferred option compared to other traditional b2b marketing mediums. Even if the method is relatively new to the business world, it has already made a lot of business owners and marketers happy with the results. Businesses get the leads they require and they still have enough money left in their budget to start on other projects.