“It’s the same old saw: marketers seeking easy-peasy answers to VERY difficult problems.”

the fallacy of B2B marketing and selling crap
You’ve got to love Hugh MacLeod.  He pretty quickly cuts through the inanity of a lot of the digital, internet & content marketing conversation going on today.

Lots of it is genuine and well intentioned…but vacuous.  Inbound marketing agencies are often staffed by marketing folks and/or millennials.  Neither is a group that has much empathy with industrial manufacturers or their prospects.  Yet that often doesn’t stop them from bandying about cliches and bromides…and making rather outrageous projections for what a few blog posts and social media updates will do for a B2B manufacturing business.

That costs credibility – not only for the group making the optimistic / poorly informed claims, but for anyone who speaks a similar language.

Buzzwords are profane

Turning again to Hugh….
b2b sales and marketing buzzwords
Is it any wonder that folks that make “real stuff” have a rather dim view of folks that just run off their mouths?

And then consider the tens, and often hundreds of thousands of dollars that most manufacturing companies have been cajoled into dumping into marketing over the years which had no clear ROI or even demonstrable impact.

Combine years of frustration and squandered resources with folks tossing around buzzwords and applying marketing approaches to sell products they don’t understand to prospects with whom they can’t empathize and you have a toxic brew.

B2B marketing is more important than ever

That’s the sad paradox.  As more folks babble about it (and owners of industrial companies become even more jaundiced and skeptical) it’s increasingly important.  After all, 93% of B2B sales initiate with an internet search, and research shows that buyers won’t engage with sales reps until the buying process is nearly complete.

So the model of cold calling direct sales is decreasingly effective – and the marketing alternative is increasingly necessary.

So what’s the answer?  How can marketers with real business background and industrial experience assuage the understandable concerns of B2B business owners?  That’s a story that’s still being written.

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