Salespeople sometimes need a vacation so it’s not surprising that they’ll want you to ‘shut down’ the source of all their appointments from time to time. However, like a real power switch, you need to be really honest with your outsourced telemarketing vendor about the exact time. If your salespeople plan on taking a leave on a particular day (or days even) then they should be the first to know.

It’s not just for the obvious reason that they’ll continue to schedule prospects who’ll just be put off by a sales rep sudden absence. Even if you did give them a date, you have to stick to it. You can’t just tell them that a sales rep will be out but then suddenly postpone the vacation to later date. You think your employees are the only people you’ll tick off that way? Consider the following scenarios:

  • Missed opportunities – Suppose an outsourced telemarketer just found another prospect and noticed that the salesperson seemed to take his time on starting his planned vacation. Do you know the dilemma they’ll face? You have high-scoring lead floating by but they’re thinking your sales rep could just fly off at any moment.
  • Neglected responsibilities – Yes, you’re paying them to call and qualify potential customers. Why then should you not ask them to use their instincts every once in a while right? Well, while that’s a fair point, it still comes off as a little irresponsible to have expectations like that while disappointing theirs. When you say a particular representative will be out, they’re taking your word for it.
  • It destabilizes trust – Trust isn’t just an issue between you and your potential customers. Outsourced companies are B2B organizations as well. That makes trust just as vital in your relationship with them, even though it’s you being the buyer this time. If you fail to keep your word that they can stop setting appointments for a particular rep, how do you expect them to believe anything else you’ll say?

Remember, you’re not the only customer that a vendor has. Some may not be able to afford losing your business but there’s a point when even that loses its value simply because you’re not being clear enough. If you want them to shut down for a while, them exactly when and don’t make sudden plan to just switch them back on. An outsourced telemarketing company isn’t a light switch.