b2b telemarketing

Outbound call centers are abound in many parts of the globe. They help many business organizations worldwide for their marketing needs. Most contact firms are being run by professional telemarketers that have amassed a substantial amount of knowledge and understanding through training and experience. Still, one of the main questions being asked is whether or not outsourcing to an offshore b2b telemarketing company is better than using onshore business process outsourcing organizations?

Offshore or onshore outsourced b2b telemarketing services?

Many have already outsourced their business’ sales services to an onshore outbound call center. However, the outlook of the sales campaign from them may be not as promising as with outsourcing to offshore. There are many notions as to why hiring the services of professional telemarketers that reside in a foreign country is better than going for onshore telemarketing services.

Let us take a look at the following reasons:

  • Offshore telemarketing firms provide complete mastery and experience over a certain business sector

Most offshore telephone marketing firms provide telemarketing services to a worldwide clientèle. This makes their knowledge, understanding, and experience to not be limited within their own city’s walls. Hence, these offshore telemarketers have already gained the necessary requirements and qualifications to know about their clientèle’s targeted business sectors.

  • Offshore telemarketing services have great understanding about multiple lifestyles and cultures from different countries

If a business wants to target other companies that are not within their country or city’s jurisdiction, these offshore telemarketing firms have the experience and knowledge of another locale’s cultural and economic standards. This provides businesses to gain that much needed competitive edge that enables them to expand their businesses to a worldwide reach.

  • Telemarketing firms that are outside one’s locale can continue its operations even when the business’ operations have stopped for the day

Most offshore telemarketing companies have services that continue even at the dead of night. These firms are able to effectively target countries that are located from halfway around the world. So if one’s business has already stopped its operations for the day, these telephone marketing firms have ready and willing call center agents to pursue in getting quality business deals for their clientèle.

  • Offshore telemarketing costs have been seen to be far lesser than onshore services

Hiring the services of a telemarketing firm outside a certain business’ locale has been seen to have lesser costs compared to hiring within the city or country. There have already been many reports that overall costs of offshore telephone marketing companies are that of 25% lesser than most onshore telemarketing services in the US alone.

These are but a few of the many justifications as to why outsourcing to offshore business call centers is better than searching for an onshore one. For a business to gain success and growth in a worldwide scale, outsourcing to these foreign firms is the best thing that they can do for their sales campaigns.