The 4th July weekend celebrates all things American. But among those things, one that stands out is the idea of independence. People associate a lot of American things to independence, whether it’s the kid going to college or the same kid finally getting a job right after.

But in terms of outsourcing the B2B lead generation process, independence can mean taking it all back and finally getting to do the whole thing yourself. That’s not really a bad thing (especially when your provider still has dozens of other clients). The real challenge though lies in your own company. Are you truly prepared to this on your own? Ask yourself the following questions:

Question #1: Is your technology enough?

To be independent means to answer no to this question. It’s obvious that a successful lead generation strategy isn’t just how good your auto-dialers are or how solid your CRM database is. Those by themselves barely make up the entire technology investment you’ll need.

Question #2: Do you have enough staff?

You may have outsourced because you could only generate such a small list of clients with your own staff. It makes sense to know going independent means you have all the means to hire and train a bigger marketing team than that.

The number of staff also depends on the number of different marketing strategies you will employ. The skills needed for email marketing can differ from those needed in telemarketing. Managing social media to engage prospects and create content requires its own set as well.

Question #3: What’s your overall strategy?

To truly determine what you need to succeed, you must have long figured out the strategy for it. Without that strategy, you wouldn’t know what works best. That’s why outsourcing can be helpful in the early stages. You get to identify which form of marketing works best for you and why.

An outsourced provider can give you the tools, the manpower, and the technology. Those aren’t substitutes for your targeting strategy or the understanding what prospects like most about your marketing tactics.

Question #4: Ultimately, will it cost less?

Perhaps the most decisive question revolves around cost. This isn’t just how much you can save to doing things on your own. Costs can come in any forms and you need to have thought them all through before weaning yourself off from outsourcing. You may end up paying more for the staff you’ll hire and train. Other costs can be about time instead of just money. It’s time to add them all up for the final verdict.

American Independence wasn’t won so easily but the great nation you see today was built on more years after the revolutionary war. Fortunately, there’s no war between yourself and your vendor. It’s just that the requirements for independence haven’t changed. Are you willing to take more responsibility for the control of your lead generation campaign?