Understanding & applying Organic User Acquisition Models for B2B businesses can be tough.

There are tons of articles out there. But sometimes having Too many options can be overwhelming.

In this article, I will teach you the fundamentals of User Acquisition Models for B2B businesses and how to create your own.

Before we get started with the specifics of Organic Acquisition Models for B2B businesses, let’s start with some definitions.

What is a user acquisition model?

A User Acquisition Model is a graphic representation of all the activities a company performs to acquire new users and/or customers.

It helps identify patterns and relationships between marketing activities & business goals.

What is an Organic Acquisition Model for B2B Businesses?

An Acquisition model that helps you attract, convert & close business opportunities (leads) via organic acquisition channels.

  • Organic Acquisition channels: Channels where companies acquire users without paying a direct fee (ad cost).

It is important to mention that user acquisition through organic channels is not free as it normally requires a significant amount of effort to create attention and eventually attract users.

What’s an effective user acquisition model?

An effective acquisition model takes into consideration your consumer decision journey

Inspired by mckinsey’s consumer decision journey

Here’s a list of important variables to consider

  • Trigger: An event that triggers an impulse or a need to buy?
  • Channel: Distribution channel that will attract users looking for a solution
  • Digital Content (Pre & Post Sale)
  • Offer or Action (Event or conversion): A Product or Service businesses give in exchange for money or attention

Why is it important?

In general, CAC tends to increase over time, according to Profitwell customer acquisition costs have been increasing, across the board for the last 5 years. However, CAC for organic acquisition channels like content, tend to be roughly 30% better than the paid channels.

Source: profitwell.com

How can you leverage content to attract users/customers?

According to Lyndon Barnett from Vodafone Australia

Digital Content needs to be used strategically to achieve 2 primary aims:

  1. Drive quality organic traffic to your website

  2. And when you have that quality traffic use the content to drive a conversion

How B2B businesses work

Understanding the differences between B2C & B2B businesses will help you create a better acquisition model

Here are some of the most significant differences :

  • The buying cycle for B2B normally takes longer because it usually involves multiple people, a higher price range, and specific requirements.
  • B2B products & services tend to be more complex
  • The addressable market is smaller
  • Price points are usually higher than B2C.

The New B2B Buying Journey

In early 2020 Gartner identified the following changes to the B2B buying journey

Businesses’ ability to influence customer decisions: The availability of high-quality information online has encouraged buyers to gather information independently.

B2B Buyers complete a set of jobs to make a purchase: There are 6 B2B buying “jobs” that customers must complete to their satisfaction to successfully finalize a purchase:

  • Problem identification. “We need to do something.”
  • Solution exploration. “What’s out there to solve our problem?”
  • Requirements building. “What exactly do we need the purchase to do?”
  • Supplier selection. “Does this do what we want it to do?”
  • Validation. “We think we know the right answer, but we need to be sure.”
  • Consensus creation. “We need to get everyone on board.”

Information drives purchase ease and high-quality sales

Source: Gartner’s new B2B buying Journey

User Acquisition For B2B

Marketers need to understand that the process of acquiring users and customers gets harder and more expensive as your customer base grows and your potential, the untapped market shrinks.

4 main factors influencing your user acquisition strategy:

  • Marketing Acquisition channel
  • Business Model
  • Product/Service: The solution you are offering for a specific customer.
  • Market: Target & Addressable market

An effective acquisition model makes sure the above elements are always aligned.


There are 2 main things B2B marketers should prioritize when developing a customer acquisition model

Audience Development & Segmentation

B2B businesses require a good understanding of your buyer journey. You need to provide exceptional value to your users at every stage of the customer journey.

Not everybody is the same so you should create different models for different audiences, so you must target precisely the type of persona that will search for your products and come up with excellent answers for their additional questions.

Content Strategy

As mentioned above Content is one of the most effective acquisition channels for B2B so make sure you have a good content strategy in place.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this article helped you better understand organic user acquisition models for B2B businesses

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