Why you need Empathy to Succeed in B2B Lead Generation

Marketers constantly send marketing messages into their target market either to establish themselves as a thought leader or to genuinely help businesses by offering solutions to common industry problems.

But among the thousands of blog posts, news articles, whitepapers, slides and infographics that circulate on the web on a daily basis, how can one get the attention of prospects – those who are really in the market to acquire services or products?

The answer is empathy.

Now, empathy is more than just saying ‘I understand you’ or ‘I know exactly what your business is going through’. What your target market expects is to actually see the solution being offered, and not just mere words of promise and hype.

So how exactly can you do that?

“If there has been one thing that’s been instrumental for me in becoming a more effective marketer for our own agency and for clients, it’s making a daily effort to try and think of things from the audience perspective,” says Lee Oden of TopRank Online Marketing Blog.

For Oden, not everyone knows what they want. So there is a yin-yang relationship between customer empathy and brand leadership in its messaging. The combination, he said, is very powerful.

“Always ask: What do they care about? What are their pain points and goals?  Sure, I have the things I want to say, but ‘me me me’ is ‘boring boring boring’,” he adds.

Empathy is that link between a business and its customers. It’s what drives them to give their trust (and their money) which would eventually lead to long term relationships and referrals.

But it’s not always easy to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and tailor-fit your marketing messages based on their view of things. That is why there is a need for thorough research in order to uncover the angles that best present opportunities to present yourself to them.

It’s not as straightforward as saying, “Okay, I’ll empathize with this customer.” It has to be a genuine interest that could only grow from making time and effort to get to know your industry.

According to Oden, if you make it part of your marketing strategy to balance customer empathy with brand messaging, the content you plan, create and promote will become more meaningful and effective because it’s relevant to the customer experience as well as your business objectives.

Now ask yourself: how much empathy do you manifest in your marketing messages?

This content originally appeared at Why you need Empathy to Succeed in B2B Lead Generation