For us B2B marketers, 2015 is bringing new challenges and sharpened digital strategies. But in order to carry out your new strategy, you may need to investigate new digital tools and solutions.

But how do we know if these tools will provide value over the coming months? And with the growing number of new technologies available to us, which ones will help deliver that all-important ROI?

Don’t sweat it, B2B Marketer. We’ve given you complete visibility by investigating some of the different digital tools you may need in the coming months. We’ll even show you how you can forecast their impact on your digital marketing ROI (nifty, eh?).

What are the top tools you should be looking out for?

SEO Tools

With the ever-increasing importance of content and social media on search results, we can expect to see more digital tools trying to combine SEO, social media and content creation into one platform.

As of yet, there isn’t a tool available for this combined purpose, but lots of SEO tools that were originally intended for keyword and backlink analysis are now moving towards social and content management.

Tools to Investigate: As a starting point, think about investigating tools along the line of MOZ and Raven – But keep an eye out as you can expect to see many new faces popping up in the coming year.

Conversion Optimisation Tools

Tools that enable us to design, measure and A/B test landing pages have become a marketer’s best friend by unlocking opportunities to boost conversion rates by up to 38%.

Currently, these tools tend to focus on optimising single landing pages, but by teaming conversion optimisation tools with Lead Forensics, you can unlock detailed insight throughout the whole sales pipeline. Track from referring marketing channels (Email, SEO, PPC, Social), to website landing pages and even see your website visitor’s journey throughout your whole website. We’ll even show you a profile of who these companies are – conversion optimisation has never been so easy.

Tools to Investigate: Unbounce is one of the leading landing page tools available. Check out their blog for the latest tips and guides on how to build landing pages that will convert. If you’re looking for an overall A/B testing tool to integrate with your website, investigate Optimizely as well.

Marketing Automation Tools

B2B Marketers are coming under more pressure every day, with over half of us having responsibilities in 7 out 10 areas of marketing. Marketing Automation tools are the best-placed solution to speed up processes, become data rich and get more integration savvy with our campaigns.

Over 80% of top performing companies are planning to adopt marketing automation systems between 2012 and 2015 – and with good reason. Businesses that make full use of marketing automation can see increased conversion rates by over 50%.

Tools to Investigate: Depending on what capabilities you want from marketing automation tools, there’s a few big players currently in the market. HubspotMarketo and Salesforce are all great tools to start your search with, plus they all have awesome blogs and resources too (bonus!).

How can you determine their value?

It can be difficult to attribute revenue back to some marketing tools, so they won’t deliver an ROI figure on their own. With the Ultimate ROI Forecaster, you’ll get a clear idea of your marketing tool’s predicted impact on the ROI of each digital campaign you are planning to run in 2015. All you need to do is factor in your tool as a ‘fixed cost’ into your Ultimate ROI Forecaster and let the Forecaster work it’s magic!

Which marketing tools are you looking to invest in for the coming year? Tweet us @LeadForensics using #UltimateROI for the latest B2B tips and resources.

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