Using Flickr to Tell a Story About Your Events

Remember the phrase: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”? [Wikipedia definition]. Do you take photos at your events? Pictures help people visualize what the event was like and if they attended what the experience was like. Flickr is a good tool to use to organize your photos. There are other advantages to using Flickr as we will leave those for future quick tips.

Real World Example: Silicon Halton

Silicon Halton [Website] is a grass root technology community in Halton Region. We have monthly meetups and we encourage people to take photos and post them. Attendees know that photos are being taken and that they will be posted and shared. Below is a photo slideshow from Flickr of the event taken by Ryan Gamble [Follow him] from iConferenceU [Website]. Ryan is a member of Silicon Halton.

To Consider

  • Make sure attendees at your event know photos are being taken, will be shared and posted
  • If someone asks to remove their photo do it
  • Encourage people to embed and share your photo streams
  • Create a blog post about the event, what was covered. Include links to slides, value add content and registration for future events
  • If you have a specific call to action add it to your blog post. It could be the next event, a special offer etc.
  • Flickr relies on Flash so you won’t be able to see a photo slide show on an iPhone or an iPad
  • Some companies block Flickr, so if you don’t see the photos above Flickr is probably blocked by your IT department