In a recent webinar, Marketing’s Impact on Revenue – How to Measure, Optimize and Predict It, Ken Moorhead and Isaac Pellerin from Compendium discussed how Revenue Cycle Anlalytics helps them prove marketing’s impact on revenue to their organization. Download the webinar, check out the quick summary below, or download the slides from SlideShare to see firsthand how Compendium leverages analytics tools such as the Revenue Cycle Explorer and the Revenue Cycle Modeler to improve productivity and sales and marketing alignment.

Key takeaways include:

  • Hold meetings withe key “in-the-trenches” members of your sales and marketing teams. By comparing the feelings both teams have with solid data provides unexpected yet key insight, allowing both teams to work more effectively together.  Through the reports they pulled using Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics, Compendium was able to redefine score qualifications and the definition of “recycle” to make sure Sales received the most viable leads.
  • Always verify assumptions with relevant data and be willing to pivot quickly. Compendium thought that a demo request was a big driver for them in their lead nurturing. However, by looking at the relevant data, Compendium realized that they were completely off the mark, forcing them to rethink their campaigns and strategy.
  • Set up your revenue model by involving members of your revenue team. Make sure all key members in your organization understand the revenue model you build. Compendium’s Sales team now understands the strategy behind the leads they receive and have improved processes for follow-up. Having everyone involved in the process builds trust for the marketing team.
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