telemarketing for SIngaporeThere are many companies worldwide that have made business transactions with organizations from Singapore. These companies have gained a profitable outcome from their marketing campaign as they have known that Singapore has a highly developed economy. As a matter of fact, the economy of Singapore has been seen as one of the fastest growing economies for the entire globe for they have a growth rate of approximately 17.9% just for the first half of the year 2010.

Even though many companies have already made business partners out of Singaporean organizations, it is a must to keep these clients coming back for more. Hence, client retention should always be kept at a very high level. In order to keep the interests at peak high for these Singaporean organizations, companies should employ market surveys as one of their marketing tactics.

Doing this marketing tactic will take hold of quite a bit of time within the company’s operations. As such, the best thing to do is to outsource the service to telemarketing companies as they are the most capable of acquiring significant information from existing Singaporean clients.

If one thinks about why outsourcing this service to telemarketing companies is the most practical of reasons it is because they can get the necessary information from the clients immediately. Other marketing methods (e.g. direct mail, handing out fliers) will not be as fast when it comes to gathering information as opposed to b2b telemarketing. These telephone marketing companies can handle all the necessary data gathered and send them over instantly through their pipeline that connects between them and their clients.

Telemarketing for Singapore clients in the gathering of information should always be left in the hands of experts. Even though these Singaporean organizations have already made business transactions with a company, they should still be handled with much professionalism and respect. This way, the company’s name will always be intact and the possibility of keeping the relationship will reach an even longer period of time.

The purpose of keeping client retention with these Singaporean organizations through telemarketing does seem very promising. However, one should always take due diligence in finding out the right telephone marketing firm to handle the campaign. If in case the company has not gotten the services of a reliable third party service provider then the campaign will fall faster than it has risen up.

Some of the things that needs to be taken into consideration in searching for the right telemarketing firm are:

  • The attitude of the call center agents towards Singaporean clientsIt will not matter if the agents are highly expert in the art of gathering information from Singaporean clients when they are not professional when it comes to speaking with them. One should always remember that respect always pays no matter what kind of situation; or in this case no matter what kind of marketing tactic.
  • The telemarketing firm’s working environmentAlmost every business owner knows that the working environment plays a vital role in the company’s operations. As such, the telemarketing firm needs to have a decent environment for which the telemarketers can focus on their work without the risk of distractions.
  • Brief understanding about Singapore’s multilingual aspectSingapore is has not one but many cultures within the country’s jurisdiction. As such, there is not one language being spoken but approximately four. Therefore, a telemarketing firm should have an adequate knowledge in speaking Chinese Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, and most especially English.

Company owners should take into consideration these necessary factors in searching for the right telemarketing firm for their survey campaign. With the right firm, the company is sure to get the benefits they rightfully deserve, most especially keeping client retention at an all time high.