The role of lead nurturing is specifically to move the prospect forward and give information, when they want it, and in a format that they want it in through calls to action. A good lead nurture campaign has many components but the top four are Organization, Consistency, Segmented Database, and Content.

Organization – How do you know who you have contacted, how, and when, and what was their response? A good CRM Tool is very helpful in keeping organized. As well, some CRM tools have automation and synchronization capabilities so you can link with an email automation tool and/or whatever email software you use for regular communications K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly). As well, the CRM tool can be used to handle note taking on each touch point, forecasting, and reminders for future calls to action, as the cadence is key to this programs success.

Consistency – With everyone looking to do more with less, a consistent message is a critical component. Track your sales lead’s indicators with email automation, web cookies, and call-to-action results. Knowing when is just as important as what content to present to your prospects and customers.  As well, reaching out to your prospects on a regular basis, getting ahead of your competition, and keeping your solution in their minds are all steps in becoming your prospects trusted advisor, and being first to the “deal table”.

Segment Database – I would advise breaking the lead nurture list up by what solution they were originally interested in.  Each segment can be further dissected into scored groups based on their level of engagement. Within the solution group, the higher scored prospects can be sent different assets than someone in the beginning stages.  This segmentation allows for strategic thought and planning for which assets are pertinent, depending on their current stages in the buying cycle, and should help to accelerate leads to opportunities.

Content – Content is the key!. Not just any content, you need relevant, timely, thought provoking, sexy content surrounding your solutions. Put yourself in your prospects shoes. You know what information targeted sales leads are asking for; give it to them. If you are having a hard time figuring out what to present, then ask your prospects what they would like to see, as everyone absorbs information through a different tactic, or track the history of your last 50 deals and see the content that was sent to them.

The Top Four Important Things for Lead Nurturing: Organization, Consistency, Segment Database, and Content.  Lead nurturing is crucial for providing qualified opportunities. Without it prospects that are not ready to purchase now or in the immediate future are more likely going to fall off the sales grid and choose another company to work with.