The global economic climate remains volatile at present, thanks to a plethora of factors including Brexit and worsening geopolitical conflicts around the world.

While the prevailing level of business sentiment is thought to be low at present, however, there are some markets that continue to perform better than others. The B2B sector provides a relevant case in point, as although it can be hard to gauge sentiment in this space there are several positive trends and growth statistics offering encouragement to firms.

The value of the B2B media market is now forecast to exceed $32.13 billion by the year 2020, for example, while 85% of companies within the market are investing in events. A rising marketing spend is usually indicative of growth, as this means that firms are focused on acquiring new customers rather than simply consolidating.

What are the Lucrative B2B Ideas in the Current Market?

Of course, this growth is bound to encourage fledgling firms to enter the B2B space, although it is important to make an informed decision and select a viable market niche. To do this you will need to understand the growth sectors that exist within the B2B world, before identifying future trends to achieve long-term success and longevity.

With this in mind, here are three of the most lucrative B2B Ideas in the current economic climate: –

Create an HR Outsourcing Service

HR is a strange business entity, and one that has a great deal in common with customer services. While it represents a strategic business investment that can ultimately increase efficiency and reduce operational costs over time, for example, it is easily overlooked by smaller brands who lack the funds to hire a full-time HR manager and would prefer to use their resources to secure more immediate returns.

This has gradually created a demand for HR outsourcers in the B2B space, which makes it a lucrative idea for any new business start-up. After all, this means that entrepreneurs can continue to maintain compliance with regards to insurance, employee rights and payroll process without being forced to handle this independently or hire a permanent HR team on a fixed, annual salary.

Instead, they can seek out freelancing HR professionals who are able to provide them with specialist expertise on a short-term and predetermined basis.

If you remain unconvinced, you should also consider the growing demand among larger B2B companies for HR outsourcing services. This has much to do with the falling levels of employee morale across the world, with reports suggesting that just 13% of global workers are actively engaged in the office.

By reaching out to an external HR professional, you can access a fresh and informed perspective that creates a happier (and hopefully more productive) team.

Offer an Events Management and Marketing Service

We have already touched on the rising number of B2B companies that are investing heavily in events at present, so this creates a clear opportunity for those with experience of this market. It also opens the doors for experiential marketers, who can use their unique skills to successfully promote B2B brands and engage professional audiences.

This taps into a wider trend in the B2B space, as firms begin to realise that they require a different set of marketing skills to those in demand among B2C companies. This revelation has created a number of opportunities for relevantly-skilled marketers in the B2B sector, with content creators and those with experience of web design benefiting from particularly high demand.

In terms of content, B2B brands are increasingly keen to work alongside copywriters (and more specifically ghost writers), SEO experts and skilled PR professionals. By accessing these services, B2B companies can create a multi-skilled but impermanent content marketing team, and one that can enhance their online visibility and establish the brand as a viable thought leaders within its chosen space.

If you do decide to leverage your skills and offer a full range of marketing and content management services, be sure to prioritise the creation of technical content and ghost-writing. These entities can be create targeted and professional content such as white papers and e-books, which can then be published and marketed as an example of the companies expertise.

Deliver a Virtual Assistant Service to B2B Firms

Recently, it was predicted that the value of online working would rise to a staggering $5 billion. This refers to the provision of online services, which is dominated by remote workers and specialist, freelance service providers.

This shows a clear shift in best business practices, while this projected growth is expected to be driven by a rise in the demand for virtual assistant services. Offering huge advantages in terms of short and long-term costs, these services offer considerable value in a B2B space that is governed by stringent cost management and the need for specialist skills.

There is a clear opportunities for new businesses to offer a professional, virtual assistant service to B2B brands across multiple markets. One of the best options is to establish yourself as an outsource provider that handles administration tasks, as this is a transferable skill that offers value to every conceivable B2B company and sector (but particularly those with a heavy emphasis on compliance or operational procedures).

Not only does this service enable business-owners to focus on managing the strategic and most profitable elements of their business (such as sales, marketing and development), but it also eliminates the requirement to hire a full-time administration team.