Amazon’s been hailed as the Godzilla that might put an end to brick-and-mortar retail. But according to this, it looks like certain B2B industries are also in the Big A’s warpath.

Think AWS was trouble? Say hello to AmazonSupply.

What’s most intriguing however is that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rarely markets the latter. It’s an uncanny demonstration of how B2B products/services sell so high yet the average Joe can go through their whole life never hearing about them.

So is that bad for lead generation or is it actually a good idea to let your money do the talking?

Bezos’ attitude towards the lucrative yet highly unsung B2B markets isn’t all that uncommon. Yes, there are times when it can be a little problematic. (For one thing, it gives you an excuse for mundane and excessively technical content.) But on the other hand, it does save the trouble of advertising, getting good PR, and spending millions on an NFL/NBA spot.

Still, you’ve got to have something to grab attention with. Perhaps telling them about how much you make out of it all can be one way to impress.

To make the move all the more better though, keep the following in mind:

  • Identify your B2B targets – Inbound or outbound, you’ll eventually know who your products/services cater too. Those are the only people most likely to care about what you’re offering and how your revenue could reflect your promise.
  • Direct the attention yourself – Not every person cares about things like wholesale supply or cloud-based CRM. And why should they? It’s not their job. That’s why you need a more direct hand in getting a prospect’s attention after you’ve identified them. Use telemarketing, email, or even snail mail. Whatever it takes to connect you without drawing irrelevant attention should suffice.
  • Don’t hide too much – While a majority of the world doesn’t pay you much attention, it’s not like you deliberately avoid it. You cater to a different market and it just so happens you do it well to the point of making lots of money. Otherwise, how can you expect other firms to trust you? How do you establish rapport when communicating with you proves difficult?

If money really talks, it can do the talking needed in marketing and lead generation. But as with any kind of conversation, you still need to direct the message to those who would listen and understand the language.