Given the coming holidays, there is little doubt you are planning on how to tailor your lead generation and marketing campaigns to the spirit of the season. But when you think about it, what if you are targeting a B2B market that suffers the stigma of running contrary to that spirit?

You want an example? What if you are an accounting software vendor and the type of people who use your software are none other than those labeled greedy and meticulous misers?

Use A Lead Generation Strategy That Dispels Stereotypes

Everyone has heard Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. So with Christmas in line right after Thanksgiving, it is seems contrary to the virtues of generosity to market something that is all about counting money. One can even argue that businesses should be the first to foster charity and not make the mistakes of Marley and Scrooge.

The real tragedy is that not all accountants, bookkeepers, or anybody with a flair for counting cash does so for selfish reasons. This is the sort of message you should consider sending out via lead generation. If your salespeople feel uneasy because this entire cultural shift puts your software leads in jeopardy, then have your marketers come to your prospect’s defense!

But you have to face the fact: Nobody likes a miser. Worst still, everyone has good reasons why. How can your bring out any redeeming features from what is essentially greed?

Believe it or not, that is the keyword: Greed.

Counting money is not automatically greed and hence, there lies people’s bias. When you focus on the objective like your software does, you realize the goal was never to foster greed. It is simply information and keeping track. Your next goal should be then to find the source of the confusion between greed and simple money counting.

So with that in mind, you can also go further than just the objective and highlight the benefits of keeping track of one’s money. Done right, you can even portray the lack of proper accounting tools as precursor to poor business practices and bad money management.

Below are just some of the strategies you can employ for accounting lead generation:

  • A webinar – Start off with the concept of Scrooge but focus on challenging viewers to consider more legitimate reasons to keep tabs on cash.
  • A short FAQ page – Write a small page on your website that answers common objections and accusations people levy against supposed ‘misers’.
  • Write your own story – Pen your own tale that depicts a supposed miser but with the twist in the end showing that counting money is not about greed.

The best part is that it does not require anyone’s advanced expertise to easily cite the trouble that comes with missing money. In fact, you can even start at the consumer level and cite the classic example of the Christmas shopper who does not keep tabs on her spending.

So what are you waiting for? The time has come for you to do away with the image of greedy, old prunes grumbling and counting coins. Combine your B2B appointment setting and lead generation strategy to market the truth about such practices and why your customers are not misers!