There is no real shortcut to successful lead generation. Besides, can you really be satisfied with your work if it was that easy? While it is natural to look for the less stressful and most efficient way to accomplish a task, that is not always the same as finding a shortcut.

Bad Lead Generation Results From Bad Shortcuts

Think of it like this, it is like the difference between winning a game in a manner most epic and just resorting to cheat codes. In this case, the game is lead generation.

  • Epic Win – Going for the epic win requires skills, experience, and determination to be as stylish as possible. When it comes to ERP leads, you choose only the methods that effectively communicate with a prospect, take the time to learn about them, and exercise the expertise of your sales team.
  • Cheat – Cheats are easy. So long as you know the code, just put it in and bam. You have 99 lives, bullets, money etc. Does this sound familiar? It should if you have ever heard of methods that seem to generate so many leads but using extremely questionable marketing methods.

At first glance, cheats look like they give you everything to the point that you might as well have won the game. You also just took out all the fun in it. What good is playing if you do not just give yourself just that right amount of challenge? In that same breadth, what good is the process of software lead generation when all it does is have you skip all the way to the end of the sales process?

In business, you should consider yourself lucky that challenges are inevitable. They give your business the opportunity to grow, gain market feedback, and also move it forward. There is no need for some AI to set the difficulty for you. Unfortunately, if you focus on only getting bad shortcuts and cheat codes for your lead generation process, all those benefits are lost.

Now if you are still wondering if you are really going for the epic win or resorting to cheat codes, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it exploit bugs? – Cheats generally exploit flaws in a game’s code. Granted, some games actually have them as part of the system but the way they just mess up with a natural gaming experience is still there. For your sales, does it feel the same way? Are you resorting to black hat internet methods or doing business with the wrong kind of marketers?
  • Are you gaining more than just profit? – Again, whether it is gaming or generating leads, you should be gaining more than just success. You are learning, growing, and transforming into a better software company as a result of overcoming the challenges presented.
  • Does it keep things stable? – The worst kind of cheats are in fact those that crash the game. When you’ve fuddled with the code that badly, instability will obviously result. Your leads will not behave any differently. Using questionable marketing tactics will only result in painful backlash and a tainted company image.

No matter how tempting it is to go for easy, you will not grow unless you give yourself a challenge. Refrain from cheat codes when generating your software sale leads!