What are the Big Gs? The Gs stand for two things: government and giant business. And amongst B2B organizations, these two types of targets are popularly thought of as the biggest fish, the final boss, and the holy grail.

Marketing and pitching to these types is rarely, if ever, seen as easy. And that’s not without good reason. On one hand, you have the government itself and whatever money that comes out of it is bound to be the people’s money. On the other hand, giant brands like Apple and Target are like mixes of both pop stars and politicians inside the business world. It’s natural to be intimidated.

On the other hand, there are plenty of fresh guides out there that actually help you go for the Big Gs. Here are some of the following tips they all have in common:

  • Have a powerful idea – While it’s not as hard as it sounds, it shouldn’t be that easy either. According to Jerrit Tan, CEO of Canopy Apps, a revolutionary idea is essential. You’ll need something that can impact the public in one way or another (whether it’s helping a big brand sell a new product or improving public services).
  • Get connected – Stephen Key’s own guide has six steps for pitching to big brand. What they all emphasize on though is getting connected with the right people. From their ad agencies and suppliers to finding employees on LinkedIn, it really is about knowing the right people. Don’t just depend on your lead generation resources without prepping up those ties!
  • Start small – Counterintuitive right? But whether it’s going for smaller grants or getting in touch with a brand’s local branch, small is actually the place to start. You need not push yourself, your marketers, and your lead generators by going straight for the top. Now that might be going a little bit over your head. Starting small though helps you find the stairs leading up.

You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to know that today’s business is undergoing the revolution of innovation. Innovation means going beyond the conventional, including the conventional wisdom that the Big Gs (Government and Giants) are unreachable for any other smaller business. Why not meet with marketing and sales and start thinking of taking the leap?