There is no room for fear in business. And in B2B marketing and lead generation, there will be times when it is not only your stumbling block but a stumbling block to your own prospect’s success. B2B industries, like Information Technology, are all about helping other firms succeed. Therefore, you have an obligation to help them conquer those fears.

Using Software Leads To Find Uninformed Businesses

Lead Generation, Software Leads Generation, Sales LeadsIn the context of the IT industry, many of the fears that businesses experience is the fear of stress, loss of data, as well as perceived complexity in using computers in business. While it is generally believed that much larger enterprises are less prone to this type of thinking, many small businesses and start-ups are not as immune. These are the people you should start targeting for IT leads.

The next step is to determine the exact nature of the fear, find its source, and then focus on that source for a better lead generation campaign:

  • Fear of stress – Prospects fear that new technology will only increase their workload, eat up their time, and ultimately compromise their productivity towards lead generation. Use what you know and demonstrate just how that is not the case. It is only a matter of proper usage and briefly educating prospects prior to meeting salespeople. And oddly enough, you should also consider showing them when to not depend so much on technology as well.
  • Fearing data loss – Dispelling these fears also require a level of information sharing and educating. But on the other hand, it also requires more responsibility on your part. Do not search for loopholes that diminish your obligation to have the most secure software to protect your customer’s sensitive business information. It is in data security that you have a stronger involvement in vanquishing the fears of both prospects and customers alike.
  • Fear of perceived complexity – Your software lead generation campaign should not be a stranger to that misconception. In fact, the very purpose of the industry is to make their products as streamlined and manageable on the user’s end. But of course, many still like to persist on popular stereotypes regarding IT professionals and how technology only strives to complicate things. Those should be the subject of your counter-criticism.

The fears mentioned above are only three of the many others that could cause a lead generation campaign to stop in its tracks. Another example would be fear of wasted money. (In fact, compared to the previous three, this could be more challenging and based on fact.) Yet again, like many others, the best way to challenge this fear is focus on its source (in this case, simply be honest with prospects and yourself about the costs so they can tabulate).

One of the most powerful weapons for spreading fear is misinformation. But if anything, IT companies are all about sharing facts around and should use tools, including marketing ones, to stop hysteria.

Speaking of which, you should also note that lead generation itself is already a field that focuses on sharing information. Everything from an image to company news updates are still a means of sharing what you know. So what are you waiting for? Start generating your B2B sales leads by focusing on your prospects’ sources of fear!