B2B sellingIf you are selling a B2B solution, there is nothing more effective than having a consistent way to answer the following questions:

  • What problems do you solve for your customers?
  • How do you specifically solve these problems?
  • How do you differently than your competition?
  • What’s your proof?

The answers to these questions tie directly to your customer conversations. Your sales teams’ ability to articulate your company’s value and differentiation during key prospect conversations is directly related to your effectiveness as a B2B sales organization.

At face value, these questions appear simple. However, pull your colleagues into a room and ask them what the answers are and you’ll probably see several different viewpoints. Broaden the pool of people to different departments within your organization and you will likely be shocked at how different your co-workers view your solutions.

Your prospects are likely experiencing the same thing. And guaranteed, a disjointed value message with no ability to consistently articulate differentiation is not helping you close deals.

The first step to gaining clarity across your organization around the above questions is to develop a value framework that provides that pivotal “source of the truth” around how you provide value for your customers and how you do it differently from your competition. The framework also provides your sales team with a guide to conduct a value-based business conversation, no matter the buyer.

The key to making a value framework successful for your organization is that it’s sales consumable. Meaning a salesperson can easily apply it to his/her daily conversations. Think one-sheets, not binders filled with information. Sellers play a vital role in engaging buyers and current customers on the value your solutions provide. A sales team’s ability to consistently articulate the value message helps execute on marketing’s hard work and allows product and services to deliver on realistic expectations.

It’s easy to articulate your product’s features and functions, but that’s not going to help your sales team sell large deals and consistently beat the competition. Complex, enterprise sales requires company alignment around a focused value-message. Driving that alignment and as a result, enabling your sales team to have these conversations, will help you improve margins, generate more revenue and make your overall company more successful.