How To Keep Your Top Appointment Setters

All right, this is a point that a lot of businesses would need to deal with. You see, appointment setting is no easy task. If you want to generate qualified sales leads, you need to put the best people on the job. Now, let us assume that you have the best people already on deck. Surely, you have the top performers in that crowd. Considering that the profitability of your business rests on those who could bring in more B2B leads, you would want to keep them.

But how will you do that? What can you use to motivate them? We all know that money is not the long-term solution. So what is it? What should you do?

  1. Give them something new – the best performing marketers in your team are definitely those with the smarts, the energy, as well as curiosity. They want to learn and try new things, constantly challenging themselves. You can provide them that, tapping into their skills. For example, you can ask for their ideas on affordable ways to handle stress in your B2B lead generation floor.
  2. Give them extra visibility – your top sellers are definitely those who love to be in the spotlight. You can give them that by putting them in high-visibility projects, or you can put them in-charge of a sales team. You should also praise them for a job well-done, as well as provide them an opportunity to interact with other, high-performing, members of your company.
  3. Give them mentors – even if they are the best performers in your company, you still need to give them more exposure or training in their jobs. You can do that by providing them mentors, those who have been there and have done that, and let them share with your top performers their experience in the business. You might be surprised at what they can learn from your veterans.
  4. Give them responsibilities and rewards – there are many ways to keep your best performers to stay with you. One of these is giving them more responsibilities. For example, you can turn them into leaders of your telemarketing teams. If they fail to reach their targets, it becomes a learning opportunity for them. If they succeed, then it is only proper that you reward them. It could be any form (cash or the like), but what is important here is that you recognize their efforts.
  5. Give them chances for advancements – the thing about marketing, and why top marketers leave your company, is the perceived lack of advancement opportunities for them. Not that you have to promote them all the time, but you should make the effort in telling them that they can advance in the company in different ways (like a different job title and a higher salary grade) or be given the opportunity to handle other teams and help them reach their goals.

To be honest, there are a lot of ways for you to keep your top performing lead generation specialists. What is important is that you are honest with them and that you can provide them what they need.

This content originally appeared at CallBoxInc