Average Cost per Target Account Visit Paid Search Intent-Targeted Display

Do you know what you are spending to attract a target account to your website?

Most companies haven’t done the analysis. Would it surprise you to learn that in our Media Audits we found that the average paid search cost for a B2B company to attract a target account website visit is $68?

How can this cost be so high when cost per click (CPC) rates may only be a few dollars each?

The answer is simple. Very few of the visitors you attract from paid search are actually from target accounts. So, the CPC rates appear low, but the cost to attract the visitors you care about is quite high since you are paying for every single click.

Why haven’t more companies done the analysis?

It does take some effort to do a high quality, reverse IP lookup to determine the actual companies that have visited. Google Analytics does not make it easy to do this on your own since the built-in service provider reverse IP resolution is limited.

What are intent targeted ads?

Intent targeted ads are programmatic display ads directed solely to device IDs from target accounts showing purchase intent for what you sell. They are the most effective approach to increase awareness among target accounts and are more cost-effective than paid search at generating a website visit.

Why do intent targeted ads outperform paid search in B2B?

With intent targeted ads you only pay to reach an individual at a target account who is actively researching what you sell. With paid search, you can’t block unqualified individuals from clicking on your ad.

Do you know which specific companies are currently in-market to buy your product?

Wouldn’t it be easier to sell to them if you already knew who they were, what they thought of you, and what they thought of your competitors?

Good news – It is now possible to know this, with up to 91% accuracy. Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more.