The real-time interaction that telemarketing provides makes it a top choice for IT companies – especially startup software vendors – in turning cold leads into potential business opportunities. However, not all software and IT companies are making it big in their lead generation campaign. Increased revenue generation is simply unattainable if we fail to acknowledge several factors in effective CRM for the IT industry.

Presenting IT products is indeed difficult compared to selling everyday items. In order to achieve a sale, you will need to master the technical language used in IT lead generation telemarketing. Potential customers will more likely engage you once you are able to determine the particular IT solution they need. And often, effective engagements mean a higher chance a prospect considers a purchase.

When you have a clear intention to increase your sales, knowing what to say to a prospect becomes as indispensable as computers to the modern entrepreneur.

Plan your call script

A telemarketing call script serves as a handy guide in the same degree of importance as using a flashlight through a dark tunnel. Whoever you are confronting in a cold call, it is essential to know your way around a conversation. So, build your call script based on your target’s profile, keeping tabs on data such as budget, employee size and industry. If a prospect for instance has annual revenue of $100,000 and is seeking to improve their VOIP/IP phone system, you can use such information to craft talking points relevant to these issues.

Ask questions and listen

A successful telemarketing engagement is one in which the prospect is provided enough space to detail the issues his or her organization is facing. But when inquiring about their specific needs, IT marketers should refrain from subjecting people to an interrogation. It shouldn’t be that way. It is better, on the other hand, to give general questions, listen to the prospect’s answers and zero in on important topics. If the discussion turns towards effective network management, stoke awareness by telling the prospect you have the appropriate support services.

Talk with a specialist

Indeed, be it as it may, telemarketing is very risky business. Either you succeed or you fail, and it all depends on how well you approach your targets. But at this point, you really want to achieve only the best for your business, which is why you might want a competent IT lead generation company to provide expert profiling and IT telemarketing for you. Now, this is a talking point you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

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