super_business_manAre you using the super-human powers of marketing automation within your CRM software?  With the power of an online CRM, your company can manage customer data, measure results from marketing campaigns and scale efforts to deepen the customer relationship.

With the consumer in charge of the buying process, it can feel like Lex Luther is in charge and shouting out unreasonable demands.  You have a choice, make your buyers a villain, or adapt to the new marketing environment by giving your CRM super-power to meet the expectations of the new customer relationship.

Faster than a speeding bullet

From the inception of CRMs decades ago until today – one of the undeniable features of CRM software is its ability to retrieve client data quickly and dependably.  It was originally a big leap out of the plastic box of 3×5 index cards for sales people.  Today’s market demands much more.  You can:

  • Fully understand where the buyer is in the process and direct your efforts accordingly.
  • Identify sales leads that need immediate attention from the sales department.
  • Respond appropriately to sales leads that need to be developed with a lead nurturing email campaign.
  • Monitor results and easily make adjustments to the sales process.
  • Measure outcomes to develop accurate cash flow forecasts

More powerful than a locomotive

Salespeople often feel totally powerless to persuade the internet-empowered consumer.  Sometimes a sales lead thinks they already know everything.  Sometimes they clearly know nothing about the product/service that would resolve their struggles, but they still won’t listen to the sales professional offering help.

You love your sales leads, so please don’t take offense of this analogy.  The early locomotives were equipped with a devise at the front of the train called a “cattle guard”.  The purpose of the cattle guard was to push off small objects that were found on the train track without injuring them or slowing the train.

Quickly qualifying sales leads is today’s “device” for sorting sales leads that will help the company reach sales goals from those who need to be taken out of the sales department for lead nurturing with a well-designed email campaign.  The combination of ruthless qualification and sensitive lead nurturing is the secret power of successful companies.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

The beauty of any sales automation is the leap to “canned” communication.  While creating content to be used over and over again sounds less personal, the truth is you have much more power to leap over competition if you do it thoughtfully.

Begin by identifying your ideal clients.  The data is already kept in your data base.  Ask what struggles were experienced before they found your solution.  Determine what information they needed to purchase or implement your solution.  The answers will become the foundation for creating content pieces and emails sent to new sales leads.

If you are sending an email or document more than once, it should be loaded into your CRM and systemized for future use.  That way you can improve the quality of communications and save lots of time.

The kryptonite that takes away CRM Superman’s power is lack of implementation.  It takes time to find all the power available to you.  Start small and insist that everyone in the company participate.  As they learn the joys of automation, they will admit that CRM Superman “Saved the day!”