Surveys, when executed properly, can offer excellent insight for B2B marketers. There are a lot of great survey tools out there, like Survey Monkey, which can help you create and send customized surveys. In this article, we take a look at four ways to leverage surveys to improve your B2B marketing.

  1. Learn About Your Customers’ Challenges & Pain Points

Whether you are new to your company or a veteran, you should always be learning from your customer base. While you may understand some of their challenges and pain points, you can’t assume that have a comprehensive understanding. Priorities and challenges change over time, so it’s essential that B2B marketers are regularly polling their customers about their challenges and pain points.

Send a survey asking your customer base about what challenges they are facing and what is slowing them down or costing them resources. Getting a broader understanding of their pain points and challenges will enable you to update your B2B marketing messaging to clearly relay how your firm’s products or services address those pain points.

  1. Get Insight Into Improving Your Products or Services

To remain competitive, a company must continually be innovating. While marketing is not always tasked with improving service delivery or product functionality, marketing can be mining data from customers and end users. Don’t assume that customers are happy with your product or service just because you don’t hear from them.

Brief surveys are a great way to get feedback on your existing products and services. Folks like to share their opinions and experiences and surveys provide the perfect opportunity for them to speak frankly. Ideally, the surveys should be anonymous to encourage completely candid feedback. Once the feedback is collected, it should be implemented as soon as possible. Making adjustments or enhancements to products or services based on customer feedback also creates a great opportunity for B2B marketers. It positions your firm as responsive and attentive, which is great for client retention and credibility with prospects.

  1. Find Out What Content Your Target Market Wants

In B2B marketing, we carefully track engagement and performance of all our efforts, from search ads to blogging to retargeting. However, in some cases, the best information is from the end user. Simply asking them, “What do you want?” can help inform your content marketing efforts.

Create a survey that asks your audience what type of content they want to get, what topics they are interested in, and what channels are the best/most convenient for them. It’s no use blasting out all your blogs on Facebook if your target market only uses LinkedIn. Additionally, it’s not worth investing time and resources in white papers if your audience prefers short, timely blog posts. Many times, the input you get from your audience may surprise you or provide you with insight to tweak your B2B marketing strategy.

  1. Get Feedback for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Wouldn’t it be great if you can just ask someone what is working and what is not working in your B2B marketing strategy? Well, you can. It doesn’t need to be an overt, “How are we doing?” type of survey, but it can be a few questions about their preferences. Are they interested in latest trends? Would they listen to a podcast by your firm’s engineers? Do they think videos would help them understand your products or services better?

The feedback from a more general survey can help guide new B2B marketing initiatives and cut initiatives that won’t provide much value to the end user. Surveys are a great way to help streamline your marketing and venture into new channels or mediums that will provide value for your target market.

There you have it, 4 ways to leverage certain types of surveys to improve your B2B marketing.

Have you incorporated surveys into your marketing strategy? What’s worked best for you?