Flowcharts. Diagrams. Pie charts. Great visuals command attention in the PowerPoint-obsessed world of business. According to socialmouths.com, infographics are now “the fastest growing content format in B2B marketing.”

Infographics capture interest, they’re easy to share, and they’re particularly well suited for use in Facebook and LinkedIn posts intended to traffic to a blog or website.

So why not put your B2B social media messages into attention-grabbing pictures as well as into words?

The simple answer is that while most of us in marketing find it fairly easy to write, few of us have graphic design skills. And few of us can afford to have professional graphic designers on staff.

But now there are tools that can help us get into the infographics game, quickly and easily.

An article in The Daily SEO Blog touched on a list of tools that make it possible for social media marketing pros to create compelling infographics for blogs, websites, Facebook, and more. These include:

  • Tableau Public — This Windows-only downloadable software lets you transform your data into engaging interactive displays.
  • Infogr.am— An online tool, Infogr.am offers attractive templates you can customize with your own data.
  • Piktochart — Experiment with three  free templates — or get access to hundreds of templates in the paid version. Piktochart lets you turn your data into a colorful chart and design infographics using its library of shapes and objects.
  • Easel.ly — Another online tool for creating JPG images, Easel.ly is not compatible with data sets. Instead, it’s more of an artist’s tool, providing you with attractive icons and objects to create your own infographics.

Here are three more infographics tools you should check out (one of which you already own):

  • Many Eyes — This experimental web-based tool from IBM Research (which requires Java) lets you upload a data set and choose a visualization format (such as a word tree, tag cloud, phrase net, or one of several chart types) in which to display it. You can share the resulting info graphic via Facebook or Twitter, or embed the static image on a website or blog.
  • Wordle — Described as “a toy,” Wordle is nevertheless capable of rapidly generating attention-grabbing word clouds with customizable shapes and colors. Requires Java.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint — If you use Powerpoint for business communications, you already have software that can import data from Excel and transform it into a handsome chart or table. Simply take a screenshot of the resulting graphic and it’s ready to be used for a blog post or Facebook update.

Does transforming a spreadsheet into a chart still sound too complicated? Get started with tools such as Easel.ly and use them to enliven a list of bullet points or dramatize a flow chart. Even easier: Cut and paste some keyword-rich text  into Wordle and use that to illustrate your next blog post. There’s no question about it: the age of infographics is here.

Using a tool like Oktopost to manage your social media is great way to publish your infographics.